The date is finally here. The final Showdown.

GOT Columnist: I couldn’t be more excited, I’m sure you guys are pretty ecstatic too.

This series has worked as a conversation starter for many. Like, if you’re at a party and you hear someone yell “ValarMorghulis”, you immediately feel a connection to that person and probably try to yell “ValarDohaeris” back. For me, personally, I don’t like talking on the phone. But, if you really want to have long conversations with me, try talking about GoT, we might talk for hours.

What makes this series unique is the fact that it has it all. Just name it. When someone suggested me to watch this one, My first thought was “It’s a fantasy drama, it’s imaginary, it’s fictional, how good can it be?”. And now after writing a dozen articles on GoT, you all know how I feel about this series. GoT, is a religion, it’s a community. Its ability to make you connect with a large number of people, makes it a religion on its own. A war between families to sit on the throne and rule the world has never been this exciting.

So, what do we know? What have we learnt?

We know that it’s a family drama,
We learnt that it’s just not like any other family drama.
We know that life is uncertain,
We learnt that it really is so freaking uncertain.
We know that alot of innocents are killed in order to win a war,
We learnt how brutally it’s done.
We know how to make people trust you,
We learnt how saying “don’t trust me” makes people trust you.
We know that we shouldn’t trust someone easily,
We learnt how trusting people can get us killed.
We know that a dying man doesn’t lie,
We learnt how true it is in the pilot episode.
We know how our little mistakes can lead to huge troubles,

Well, white walkers… Need I say more? All this, and so much more that I couldn’t mention, but I learnt watching this show. Who said television is a waste of time?

I think watching the right kind of stuff on television can increase your horizon. What do you think?