Hello, greetings to everyone. You all must be wondering why the October issue has such a title? Well, there is a strong reason pal, you all must have seen quite a viral post that depicts a picture in which there is a long queue for complaints and few people are there for gratitude. That picture is the purpose of this article because I am a strong believer of gratitude. I want you all to think again about what gratitude means to you?

Well, I am pretty sure it has to be something related with “thanks” but gratitude is not only about just that. It’s a lot more and today I would like to enlighten you about the same. I read a book called “The Secret” which taught me the true meaning of being grateful.

I read somewhere that if have food to eat, a place to live, a job and some amount of money in your bank account you’re richer than half of the world’s population I was shocked. We regret not having a Ferrari and people do not have shoes to wear but are we thankful to God or our parents or our jobs about the same?

No, we ain’t. People do not have food to eat and you get to relish like four times a month a delicious meal in the café. We do not appreciate things that we have but we go complaining about the ones that we don’t, that’ so insensitive.

Gratitude is being thankful about every little thing that you have, truly appreciate the things you have that is gratitude. I have heard often people saying “life is devastated”  and “nothing is interesting” or “I am bored with life” or even “same old stuff”. I feel so bad because words have energies and energies do exist and affect our lives even science has a proof on the same.

We should never make a fuss on life that’s like degrading our own self. Always be thankful for the things you have and you will realize that life has become far better. This is no magic but just a little change in the perception and that does matter.

Let’s say if you would be thankful for the last thousand bucks that you have before the next salary instead of getting upset about the last thousand bucks you will be peacefully satisfied and try to manage in the same rather than getting stressed over the little money you left with, gratitude is all that. Being thankful for the parents, jobs, friends or things you have instead of getting stressed over what you don’t have. I understand the fact that growing or succeeding is important but peace of mind is important as well.

Let me tell a secret: “patience and positivity” are the ultimate paths for a happy life. Try it sometimes. Once just for once try to handle the situation with the things mentioned above; battles would be easier and lives would be happier. I request you all to try this at least once and you will get to know the difference. Good luck then!