The faces of any land chances with respect to time when the bases are roofed by sentences of generation as well as influences of more developed countries. Same as in the case of the state of Assam. The land has got lots of comments both bad and good across the country. So the graph has both downfall and rise. No matter what people have said before or what people say now the Assamese people spread all over India and overseas as well, for knowledge, business, settlement, and job.

The picture and beauty of the Assam can be vividly envisioned when we walk back to past when pollution was less, and let me make it clear that I am not talking about air pollution. The land with its forest, mountains, rivers and cities is located in the north-east of India with an area of 78,438 The land experiences heavy rainfall and humidity with cool monsoons which rehabilitates peace and harmony to the land and its people of course. Now I have a shortage of words to express the beauty of the land but The Kaziranga, the Manas, the river Brahmaputra are some heritages of Assam that speak its own beauty in such a generosity that it causes no difficulty to continue.

The secret of the never-ending beauty not only includes the natural resources but the credit also goes to some renowned personalities like Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankardev, Madhavdev, Jyoti Prasad Aggarwala, Laksminath Bezbarua, etc for the development of Assamese literature and culture. Now, in short, we would like to make the ancient days a little bit transparent to the world.

The legendary love story of Usha and Aniruddha. At that time king Bana, father of Usha, was ruling the Tezpur district of Assam and Aniruddha was the grandson of Lord Krishna. Once Usha dreamt of the handsome prince Anirudha and seeks him as her husband. She then refers her dream to Chitralekha, a very close friend of her. Chitralekha with her magical power abducted Anirudha when he was in sleep. When the whole scenario came to light, a battle was announced between the king of Dwaraka, Krishna and king of Agnigrah (the present Tezpur) Bana. The battle resulted in the defeat of Bana and later Anirudha became the King of Agnigrah.

The Burmese invasion is considered as the black era of the state which brought major destruction to economic condition to the self-sufficient state. Then in 1228 A.D., Sukapha established the Ahom kingdom which ruled Assam for about 600 years. At that time when the entire India was occupied by the Mughals but Assam was the only province which resisted the Mughal invasion. The Ahom general Lachit Borphukan defeated the Mughals in the battle of Saraighat for seventeen times. All these evidence shows how powerful was the state at that time. During their rule, the beautiful ‘ranghar’, ‘talatalghar’, ‘shivadol’, ‘karengghar’, etc were built which practically describes the architectural talent of the Ahoms.

Now a small description of the role of Assam in the fight for saving the sovereignty of India is justified. When Mahatma Gandhi visited Assam he was amazed to see the handicraft of Assamese women and the already started revolution in both action and mind.  Apart from the sacrifice of several philanthropists like piyoli phukan, anandaram dhekial phukan and other renowned personalities the most enthusiastic freedom fighters were 14 years old Kanaklata and Mukunda. In 1942 they set out to Gohpur police station to host the national flag of India and were shot to dead by a policeman who later jump into a well and committed suicide.

So such was the past scenario of the past Assam listening to which every Assamese feels proud of. The map of the land is like in the shape of open arms as if it welcomes the whole world “visit ASSAM”. The main cultural festival of Assam is “Bihu”, which restores the beauty in a greater horizon.  The Kaziranga national park is the home for one-horned rhinoceros, in the Brahmaputra valley and similarly, Manas wildlife sanctuary in the Barak valley is famous for tigers. The district of sivasagar reminds the old Ahom kingdom and their architectural talent. Majuli the second largest river island in the world also preserves the heritage of Assamese culture. The city of Guwahati is the fastest growing city in the whole north-east with its most beautiful river view and distant mountains like a hope to live or a desire to reborn in the soil of Assam. The Kamakya temple is also in the city hills where people visit for the salvation of their soul. Now let us travel for 3 hours and reach the district of Barpeta where the satras founded by Srimanta Sankerdeva still exists. Sarthebari the highest bell-metal producing sector of India is also famous for the holy place nasatra with Krishnaguru ashram where people all over the world undertake pilgrimage and for peace of mind.  Apart from all these divinity, the state has the first oilfield in India and the largest producer of tea across the country.

So our best effort to foresee the state sometime remains incomplete so I refer few entertainment satellite channels like News live and rang channel representing Assam, to the world, hence by over handing my job I conclude.