Hello there, it’s always nice to share something every month with you guys. So there is something that has bothered me since like weeks and where else could be a better platform to speak my heart. Well, so you have seen your mothers working from dusk to dawn cleaning, sweeping, cooking or maybe working along with your house maid (if any has one) and your sisters, daughters & sister-in-laws helping them out that is our culture; our belief.

Men have to handle the outside chores and women do the inside chores, that is nice. But you know I have seen mothers equally doing inside and outside chores like bringing back children from school, buying groceries and a lot of many other things. I started wondering what if just the reverse of this is possible, what if after work, the man gives a helping hand to the woman of the house or maybe Sunday breakfast is the responsibility of daddy’s around.

Maybe there is a rule that each person of the house does their laundry by themselves, strange know? I know maybe you all are thinking we have jobs, okay and that is a mother’s job right? But tell me one thing: have you ever realized that being a homemaker is an endless job and it takes enormous efforts to raise kids, cook and handle things? But we live in a land where such jobs are thankless you see!

Maybe because we don’t realize maybe as we are raised in such a way that women of the house only have to do household works but don’t you think there is something that is going wrong since centuries just like racism? Yes, it’s the discrimination about household chores. Why can’t the husband serve tea to the guests? Why do we think: doing household chores will degrade a guy’s dignity?

Well, it’s the stereotypical mentality that is being successively running since ages. One interesting thing is, I have seen girlfriends working like machines for their boyfriends and doing their laundry, packing up their bags and more. Oh my dear god, that really got me, man! What is this?

Being a girl I wonder: Am I a human or an upcoming housemaid for a guy or his family? Why taking care of everyone is my responsibility why it isn’t each other’s responsibility to take care of everyone else? Why a girl is being taught to be the perfect wife, daughter-in-law or mother?

Why guys ain’t been taught since their teenage years that they have to a perfect husband they should always take care, help their wife in handling home and raising kids why there is nothing like that why?

Its 21st century, where does equality vanish while talking about these things? A wife wakes up to do the routine household work, goes to the office, comes back and starts doing the remaining work till she went to bed meanwhile a husband wakes up, asks for hundred of favors from his wife, goes to work, comes and lies on couch eats and goes to bed.  Ironic. You see writing even a book on this even won’t be enough to describe this issue.

This “why” really bothered me you see? I thought over, over and over again. Am I asking for too much? Or it’s a thing to be really concerned about?

Eventually, I came up with something. I concluded: it’s just a stereotypical practice that has to be discussed, changed and needs to have our attention. What if the man of the house gives a helping hand to the woman who was working since morning?

What if everyone has a day to do dishwashing including children just to teach them and make them understand that the home belongs to everyone and the work inside it is the equal responsibility of everyone living in the family?

No, it’s not troubling the kids or the man. it’s not teaching them the value of duty and making them more responsible. So from now onwards when you see a woman be it your mother, wife, sister or girlfriend doing household chores, be responsible enough to get up and help them out; just don’t be such a brat!

“Kar ke dekho definitely acha lagega, ghar tumhara bhi hai”

(“Try to help the women of the house you will surely feel better because it’s your house as well”)