Being a devoted fan and an honest critic, I think I know most of the cities and kingdoms than any of you (though, I won’t put my money on it… I don’t have any, basically).

Of all the cities that I have noticed on the show. The one that I think has seen it all is, Winterfell. And the best part? (Or, the worst… who knows)… The next season.

Well, if you remember (which you probably should), last season ended with Visereon breathing ice ( if that makes sense) and the next minute you know, the whole Eastwatch portion of the wall collapsed. The Night King, along with his army of the dead was marching south of the wall and the season ended.

Now what?

I’m assuming at this very moment, the Night King is asking for directions to Winterfell. And the next season is going to be blood red. I can’t even imagine what is going to happen. A hundred thousand whites and white walkers marching towards Winterfell. Whoever they kill, turns into one of them. And the only possible way to kill them is by fire… dragons… Drogon and Rhaegal vs Visereon. And I’m terrified. It’s completely fictional but I’m scared (save me).

And how did they manage to even cross the wall?

Brandon Stark… of course, it’s Bran, it has to be him.

Remember, when the Night King touched him, it gave him access to the cave. So, you see. It is him, behind all the trouble that Winterfell’s going to face.

Winterfell has seen two different powers ruling it, and now the white walkers? C’mon.

And talking about the fate? Oh, Winterfell is going down, in flames, or in history. The children would visit the library of Citadel and read about the ancient city of Winterfell (if humans still manage to exist).

I’m just kidding, everybody knows that’s not how it’s going to end for Winterfell or any other city. Bran’s vision, Sansa’s intelligence, Arya’s strength, and Jon’s leadership are going to make it difficult for the Night King to enter the gates of the Winterfell. And even if he does, there’s a long way to go. And white walkers can’t swim. So, Stay tuned.