Technology one such heavy word in this diverse world. Technology, something that has stunned us so far. So what is technology means to us?

Well, technology is an idea that has made our lives easier, safer and harder and dangerous. Ironic isn’t it?

It can be a blessing yet a curse. Because it’s good someone knows where you are but it is quite scary that anyone can know where you are.

Technology has affected our lives in almost every way. Initially, we use to go to fetch water from well and now you see just turn a knob and you have it, its technology so far. Technology is nothing but the evolution of things in life like humans used to have a telephone than we had cellular phones with antenna and now look at your hand you have smartphones.  It is the evolution of telephone. So, technology is the evolution of things around you. Technology is the greatest gift of the mankind to the mankind. It’s affecting our lives in every way all the time from dusk till dawn. In the morning you go to restrooms with hot and cold water running, technology. You put few fruits in a metal box get a fresh juice or place a slice of bread in a toast and you get a delicious breakfast, technology. Technology is meritorious in the aspect of medication or emergencies today we can replace from a teeth to the heart an unconscious person can live up to decades due to technology. Technology has captured all. We all are at that stage of life that we cannot survive without it even a day, you see. The perfect example can be what if you got to know there will be no electricity for coming 24 hours will be in utter trauma how you will get dress go to work or even relax. Mankind has entirely dependent on the technology madness, isn’t it?

Because all the addictions are disastrous in some way. And gentlemen we are purely addicted to technology. Though it has become a part of our lives like a necessity like the food so there is nothing wrong as long as we are dependent on it to the extent we need it. Technology is like a tree that has scattered its root in all the aspect of life in nature as well. We have managed to hybrid plants and trees and evolving in this arena as well. Technology has proved to be successful to fight the anger of almighty like the tsunami or earthquake. Years ago we use to curse the god for such calamity now we know how to fight it or save ourselves from it, technology. Mankind has made their living such where they get all the comforts and necessities.

Technology has helped us in enormous ways I admit. But like anything else in this world, it has its own dangers as well. Technology has made us lazier than we should, for example, working on the ways to change or fight climate change we switch on our air-conditioners and sleep in peace and putting the rest of us in danger millions of us do that, it’s the most transparent form of negligence. Instead of working on the solutions on raised temperature we are ignoring things at best. Laziness is one of the few psychological tendencies of mankind but I am afraid it’s enhancing rapidly day by day due to technology. The stone man had to fetch water to drink we don’t have to, he needs to hunt we don’t we buy food. It’s a diplomatic aspect like the coin a negative phase and a meritorious one. Technology is spoiling us in billion ways these days you see. Someone went to leaning tower of Pisa uploads a picture on social media and half of the people wish the same from the very instance because we love to live someone’s else life always. So technology again enhancing our desires and few who didn’t get to succeed that much will try to harm others to get money or they will try to extract their frustration on innocent fellows. Nobody takes life that serious; their actions can harm a life. Technology made it easier to feel that way.

Technology has done wonders in killing humans; yes humans invent ways to kill other enormous humans with the help of technologies, for example, nuclear weapons, bomb blast absolute madness.

Technology has affected our lives in a meritorious way and hazardous way either, like anything it needs to be in our control and not like a fatal addiction. Because any kind of greed can never be good for anyone. And while seeing around the evolutions of technology I wonder often we have developed more than we need because a good movie is a good movie on a small television or a lavish 36” TV right?

Think sometimes.