Hello there,

So, if you still remember. In the last article, I said that I would be covering those tv series that make me want to reconsider career change. The program that we talked about was SUITS. Well, this time, we’re going to be talking about a show named ‘How to get away with Murder’. Now, whoever has already seen the show, or is familiar with the plot would know that both of these shows have a few things in common. Law, courts, jury and sentences.

But, there’s one thing that pretty much differentiates both of them. That is, the kind of law they are practising.

Suits was a corporate law based show, while, How to get away with Murder is based on criminal law.

In Suits, the characters dealt with issues like property disputes, pro bono, debts and whatnots. While in HTGAWM, the characters deal with murders, assaults, criminal activities etc.

Annalise Keating, is a criminal defence attorney and also happens to be a professor. She teaches Criminal Law, in Middleton Law School. Just like every year, she chooses some of the brightest students in the batch, to assist her in her cases. She chooses Michaela Pratt, Connor Walsh, Laurel Castillo, Wesley Gibbins and Asher Millstone as interns. They all (maybe not all of them) try to one-up each other to get a trophy at the end of the semester.

While they are working their butts off, something terrible happens, and their lives take a drastic turn. The students who always wanted to be in the spotlight suddenly wanted to hide somewhere so that no one sees them.

The students who Idolized Annalise suddenly started hating her guts.

Annalise, who was supposed to be the guiding light, has so many secrets inside her mind that you almost want to rip your brains out. Why? Because you don’t understand if you can trust her for once or not.

I really can’t say much, otherwise, I’ll spoil something. But if you ask me if the show has what it takes to hook you to it? Then yes, it sure does. Right from the first episode, you’ll know what’s going to happen ultimately. But, you’d still want to keep watching to know what led to that event. Also, to all my girls, Frank Delfino is hot, like, really really hot.

If you want me to compare the two shows, then sorry man, I cannot. Both might have a similar theme but that’s just it. Rest everything is completely different.

One more program like this, and I’ll be done with writing (okay, that’ll be too much).