By natural instinct, we all are lazy and love our morning bed like we love our baes, maybe more than that. We get an infinite affinity towards laying in our bed as long as possible. We plan every day to get up early in the morning but we fail! The reason behind this can be many factors. It may be due to late night party or late night study or late night work. Whatever may be the reason, we love to procrastinate and finally end up getting up late in the morning. So how to motivate ourselves to wake up early in the morning.

  1. Morning Prayers and peaceful life

If you are a religious guy, set an alarm for the early morning prayers. Most religions have morning prayer timings during dawn. It is just a perfect time to get up and start your day. The habit of doing morning prayers will pull off the bed as it becomes a daily habit for you. Doing early prayer fresh you up and gives confidence for the entire day.


2. Do early morning workout and look like a stud:

If you are a single and fatty ass, then getting up early in the morning for a workout should be your priority. You don’t trust my words? Just stand infront of the mirror as you wake up. You will see, you have put up some unnecessary fats on your body. You don’t believe. Look at 5 or 10 years older pics when you were young and used to play an outdoor sport a lot those. You were in a better shape. Girls used to check out on you and I know, you felt like a boss. Ain’t it? So get up early in the morning and start working. Start slowly with few exercises and then increase your sets of workouts. Looking like a stud infront of the mirror and feeling confident is the best feeling ever. Common do it.


3. Install a mobile App ‘ALARMY’

World’s most annoying alarm clock. Guaranteed to force you out of bed with its tricky kinds of stuff. It will ask you to draw a pattern or solve a mathematical problem. Man! believe me when you are almost dead with your deep slumber you would not want to shout an irritating alarm for you. As you try to snooze it down, it will ask to solve simple mathematical or logical problem without solving which the alarm won’t stop. By the time you care to solve it, your sleep will go away. I find it extremely useful if you are a lazy ass. Try it, you will thank me later!


4. Work on early-morning thing at a small pace.

You don’t need to wake up straight at 4 AM. Try waking up 15 minutes earlier than yesterday. Keep doing so for some days. You may fail in between but don’t feel bad rather continue what you have planned. Every day 15 minutes earlier will definitely turn your habit into an early riser soon. Our mind behaves the way you feed thoughts to it. Try this, you will be amazed by the result.


5. Timely Bed and Morning Breeze.

Just for one day, go to your bed early and wake up early morning after having a sound sleep. Go for a walk down the children’s park or nearby a riverside or stand in a cliff of a rock and just feel the morning breeze. Close your eyes and open your arms and feel the morning sunshine and the cool breeze relaxing your mind. That is my request. Do it for a day. You will love it the way your mind becomes fresh and calm. Once you give it a shot, your mind may push you to do that every day. There is nothing merrier than an accomplished mind.