India rising! INDIA buzzing! Has become the buzzing theme of the world political consortium. Major league players viz. US, UK, France and the whole euro-zone has acknowledged the hegemonic pursuit of India. It has emerged as a ray of hope in the beleaguered times of market slowdown and euro-zone crisis. America is seeking help in Bangalore for job creation in U.S.A. Indeed a great achievement . Moreover it has obliterated (in the long run) the anxiety of the west about the ominous rise of the dragon , China. The mammoth country, (metaphorically –INDIA) has made its move to the (position) of a super power. Slowly & steady it is inching towards the goal ,India is expanding its horizon every sphere .

[box_dark]I often think of the aforementioned scenario, it makes me euphoric. Lately the thought has taken a mutant streak , now I dream of INDIA as super power, with this dream I became a member of community of millions who share this dream. This dream is extraordinary , it derives its essence from a inspiring song from the movie London-Dreams.[/box_dark]

It says “A dream is not real which comes when you sleep, A real dream is the one which (takes away your sleep) makes you sleepless”.

This idea resonates with the thought of the great Indian Scientist Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. The dream of India as super power deprives me of my sleep. I am observed to see India as the strongest nation by 2020. But dreaming alone won’t do, great achievements are jewels of doors. There are dreamers & there are doers .i am a kind of dreamers who believes in doing. The dreams says what to do &doer does it, perfect compliments. Now the dream is clear so there should be transition from the field of thought to the arena of action.

With the lucid explanation about the urgency of action arises the most obvious questions, where should we start? What should be the nature of action? What are the strategies ? and many more . As I believe most of these trivial questions can be answered by another set of trivial answers go for the roots, check for the hearts and pray for the soul i.e. go to rural areas the heart of India I s lies in rural areas, villages are its roots and the village- men are its soul. To build a mega –structure, an edifice strong foundation is required. To win a marathon a strong heart is a must and to keep the self intact in testing times tenacity of soul is the need.

Two- third of the population of India lives in rural areas. The chief occupation is farming for these people. Most of the cultivation is done in conventional ways. The population is rising at an alarming rate & the production rate is stagnant. This is a grave situation to be in. This hour calls for yet another “green-revolution”. And initiation of second operation flood is (needless to say) another area.

This is the time when private and public enterprises should form conglomerations and deploy their resources and channelize their energy to development of rural areas. It will open unseen avenues of trade & commerce. Also, the development of villages will obliterate the pressure of accommodating more & more populations in the urban areas thereby checking the profligacy of stinking slums and crowded signals (iron slums) are a blot on rising India, a stigma to its name . So developing rural India is neccessary , it is must . Now the question arises , how to go for rural development? While wondering about this I was stuck by an idea albeit simple but brilliant, go for a model-village.

A modal village will be a village which is self –reliant in every measurable standards .The village will have its own dispensary, library, community hall, village council, middle school and a kisan-sewa Kendra. It will also have women’s & children welfare community. To support all these things in form or abstract there should be uninterrupted electricity supply, broad- band connections water-supply and waste disposal system.

A group of ten to fifteen village based on its population will have a hospital, high-schools, sports union and disaster management community. The prospective of a modal village is to create employment & growth opportunities locally and no inhabitant of rustic ambiance should be forced to immigrate due to any reason especially economic . Rest of the village should be developed based on this modal.

The aforementioned issues are subtle nature. These will help in integrated development of India in long run. The major issue to be dealt at present are corruption, black money, participation of women in all spheres of a nation, education system, putrefying political system, strengthening judiciary and many more. As we all know corruption is rampant and despair is all pervasive throughout India .every public organization has become a pellagra of grievances. Beaurocracy the track-bone of India is devoid of its spinal fluid. There is a need of social revolution like lokpal bill issue with ten-fold intensity and full force public support .Albeit all these shortcomings & blames there are millions & millions of Indian who believe that India will be a superpower. I too dream of INDIA as a superpower.