Artist: Let’s Eat Grandma

Album: I’m All Ears

Release Date: 29th June

Genre: Pop

Taking their name from a grammatical joke childhood friends Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth came into mainstream music as Let’s Eat Grandma the musical duo from Norwich. Prominent in their local music scene the duo rose to fame with their debut album “I, Gemini”. An album that was both light-hearted, deep-spirited and an all-around good one. This time they are back with something more mature, something which has transformed leaps and bounds from their debut and the listeners are treated to a solid sounding album standing out from the general crowd of the mainstream pop. Drifting away into an uncluttered totality, endlessly free yet structured and studded with synth pop, techno beats, and electric guitars all in to create a magnificently unique neoteric experience, I’m All Ears promises the listener the sheer beauty of Avant-Garde art and experimental pop.

It’s wonderful to note that how much this duo has grown from their last album, to set aside the musical differences they had to create an album with a unique direction maturing both in song structure and the absolute overall feel. The fine line between experimental and mainstream pop embodying synth pop, dance beats, and finely textured guitar strums stand out as the distinctive feature of this album. Ambient sounds with short bursts of violin, and heavy synthesizer effects and slight reverbs make up “Whitewater” a vocal-less trance induced opener serving as a repertoire guide.

Let’s Eat Grandma has collaborated with artists like DJ Sophie who is one of the big-name producers for the song “Hot Pink” and her presence is made felt through her staple drum beats and heavy kicks underlying the song. But there is more to this song than the kicks and beats, this one is an unabashedly bright song, a feminist statement from two young teenagers to the world and also the masterful example of their amazing songwriting talent.  Sophie’s distinctive beats just don’t end there as they are carried over to “It’s Not Just Me” which is lively and charismatic with the innocence of teenage transformed into a beautiful pop song dealing with a familiar topic but by breathing a fresh new life into it. “Falling Into Me” is the modern pop, with lyrics surreal and at the same time familiar, and the dormant tone habitual but breaking in between to shift gears bringing neo beats and techno feels. It’s an experiment done right strengthening the Avant pop tone of the album.

With drum beats and electric strums and a poignant striking voice “Snakes & Ladders” is glamorous and wonderful, but not static. The beginning strums fade to bring the base beats in the chorus, the song slithers at the next verse starting to give the vibe of pop and again to switch back to a slow take and in the middle, it’s just the vocals waiting for the song to rise again for everything to return. It’s a well-structured song, with tunes carefully handled and placed accordingly to retain the feel and liveliness all throughout.

Bringing strong vocals and childish optimism “I Will Be Waiting” is a fine song with prolific texturing and looping rhythms with live drum beats enhancing its charisma. Languidly building, taking its time blurting out teenage lyrics with an occasional outburst of synths is “Cool & Collected“. The height of teenage exploration, reminding the listener of the 80s progressive rock but this time with catchy pop vocals and heavy use of synthesizers coupled with guitar strums. The song climbs higher only to recede abruptly into silence, which like a short halt leads the song to a majestic musical piece with beautifully looping guitar notes, drums, and piano. An exquisitely polished progressive pop build climaxing with an artistic indie rock overtone. Dwindling away from all this opulent sounds, textures and synths to find comfort in the prudence of a piano is “Ava“, a beautiful ballad where maturity reaches its finest point with simplicity and mellow lyrics. The magnum opus of this album is “Donnie Darko” the album closer and the longest song. The song takes its cues from a simple synth-line on to which waves of textures are added with beats, snares and an eruption noise in between to finally reach a majestic close.

I’m All Ears is every upcoming new artist’s dream. Its experimental without forgetting what’s mainstream, its mature without losing the childishness, its bold without compromising on things that are tender, this album is a teenage queen, standing proudly in all her glory.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★(9/10)