Another day amidst the week when you are rushing to work in the morning what if you suddenly die because of an accident or any sudden disease! What would you think about your last moments? Have you ever given a thought to it? No, I am not a sadist or a constant negative thinker. But just wonder what if this happens to any of us, and this will happen one fine day and nobody knows when that’s going to be. So what is the point of you struggling for another promotion, good grades, or a better body or earning a lot of money? And I don’t mean that then we all should be lazy or just be where we are or stop dreaming either.

In this little life span that I have spent to date, I have learned apart from not giving up ever is that life is like your mother’s perfect recipe of the delicious dish she makes; it has the spices of the thrills and adventures. It has adequate water of emotions to make it gentle and sensitive. It has mouth-watering joy eventually. And it justifies how wonderful as a whole we all can be instead pouring just one thing in the extreme abundance amount. That is life pal at least what I have concluded it to be. And yes there is one more thing that is left, the mother’s magic while making the dish, how she makes it with a lot of love and satisfaction that is missing here in our lives like a lot. The love and satisfaction while making the dish or being in this life where is it, my friend?

You see waking up rushing to work working as a piece of machine and waiting for another weekend just when you reached midweek only. I am sorry, God hasn’t given us, the lucky sapiens this life just to live from Friday night to Monday morning. Why we are always worried and chasing; having any sort of goal working on that is great but like extreme of anything is disastrous that is the same with life because nobody knows when is the last goodbye. And this satisfaction isn’t about wearing expensive brands or eating continental only. Just think for once when was the last time you gawked at the night sky full of stars, you paid attention to the trees dancing on the song of breeze, rejoiced with a scoop of your favorite ice-cream. Hugged your parents, smiled at a stranger or maybe helped to the few you could, went for walk to the park, Took certain deep breath of fresh air, had a feeling of gratitude, tapped your back for yourself or told yourself you are amazing just the way you are, this list is endless you see.

These are little things that make us fall in love with life all over again. And how beautiful it is, no matter who you were whatever you did you can always make a change as long as you are alive. No matter even if some amount of people hated you, there will always be someone who will like you or admire you for what you are and what you do. The diversity of this world is its wonderful beauty. Happiness and satisfaction are always an option for your choice that you can pick if you let yourself. No matter even if you have a hectic work schedule or too busy to do any of these things, it is always an option that one picks. What if while doing the shopping you helped someone and had a great conversation with the shopkeeper? Don’t equate life with days, hours, minutes or seconds but a gift of infinite moments. And happiness always your choice. Chasing your goal day by day and working hard but being happy always and enjoying little moments like having a cup of tea with your friend. Got it? 🙂

After all, there is one life and time won’t come back. Live to the fullest, stay happy, hustle hard but with a smile and don’t forget to love yourself and this beautiful gift called life life.