“When words leave off, music begins”

-Heinrich Heine


A common misconception about music is that it is something which is soothing in nature. Well, certain genres of music might not fit into conventional definitions of ‘soothing’ but they still are musical. Music is something which quenches the thirst of the soul. If the soul wants something at a certain point of time, and certain vibrations woven together can provide whatever it is that the soul needs, that is music. The manifestations of music are various. Music can be aggravating, it can be saddening, and it can be full of joy, too.

The impact that music has had on my life is of an indescribable magnitude. From tapping my feet to the Madhuri Dixit dance numbers at age 7 to trying to play one of Mozart’s sonnets on the violin at age 15, music has been a companion even better than most human ones at times. Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Joplin, and Bach are people who have influenced me and will continue to influence me till death do us part. Though classical music is not much appreciated in today’s world, the piecing together of distant notes in order to create concertos, sonatas, and operas is something that utterly stupefies me.

The statement that I am going to make now is a bold but a true one. Music has made me a better human being. All us humans are guilty of being in possession of pent-up emotions; it is intrinsic to our nature to have bottled up feelings. If the amount of such emotions increases, there can be inauspicious consequences. It can affect our mental health, cause untoward behavioral changes, and might even lead to violent outbursts. However, listening to a particular genre of music which coincides with our feelings has helped me and can help all of us effectively deal with these emotions because by doing so, we are letting certain frustrations leave our minds as the piece of music progresses. By the time we reach the crescendo, we are rendered unallied – unallied to trifling and worrisome matters and thus, more committed to the more substantial things in life.


Mugdha Medhi, Class IX Sarala Birla Jyoti School