Impetus, as the word itself, describes is a source of energy and force on which this Tech-fest is based upon. Basically, it is divided in three channels which are as follows:

* Technical
* Cultural
* Sports

Impetus 2017 edition of ITM University Gwalior  will be thudding the sound of entrance from 9th November 2017. The event will be held for 3 days straight. It will be the grand maiden energy related Techfest of Central India which will be organised at ITM University Gwalior.

To inspire and provide a platform to students of engineering and other scientific fields to test their skills and level of knowledge regarding energy sector. Eventually, leading to inventions and innovations contributing in betterment of India’s energy and automobile sector.
Prime Attraction(Celebrity Night):
One of the most popular singing sensations of the country, heartthrob Hardy Sandu will hit the stage of Impetus 2017 on 11th November, 2017. Book your tickets and register for the event.

Other Events:


It is the modified version of a football game. It is a team game that comprises of teamwork, skills, leadership quality and perseverance. It is a high intensity ball game played with sheer passion and with the growing interest of football among youth will prove to be a very good and competitive event.


It is a simple rope game that directly puts two teams against each other which tests the strength, fitness, agility and endurance of an individual. It is a team game and the team with best team work wins. Main highlight of tug of war is that both men and women can participate in this game and thereby, encouraging participation of women in sports.


This event will help national students and our ITM hotel students to interact and provide a platform for both national and ITM to show case there hidden talents.


This event is organized by SOAD department to show people their fashion and modeling talent.


It will be a surprise celebrity Show, with the help of PRO Department this event will be planned separately.


ROUND 1- This will be a written examination round based on business environment (Marketing, HR, Finance). Question answers will be in form of MCQs.
ROUND 2- This round will analyze the students thinking capability of working under the pressure
An unpopular product will be given to students, whom they have to transform into a branded product
They have to create a presentation(8-10 slides)consisting all the details about the product like- Specification, warnings, etc. within 30 minutes.
(Note – 1. If the number of students exceeds more than 25, then they will be divided into groups of 4-5 members. 2. Students have to bring their own laptops).
ROUND 3- In last round students have to show their presentation skills.


This show is the most attractive event of the SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, youngsters use to participate in this show enthusiastically and show their corporate dressings.
In this event students will learn how to showcase themselves in an organization and their personality traits will also get enhanced. A workshop for personality development will be organized two-days before the main event for the training of the participant.
ROUND 1- In first round students have to represent themselves through corporate dressing with an introduction.
ROUND 2- This round is extempore round (2 min duration). The results will be based on effective communication skills and confidence of the participant.
ROUND 3- In this round, a case will be given to the participant. In which they have to give the solution to the sport for the situation. Through this, the personality traits of the participant will be checked.
Benefit: Through this event, we will boost up the overall personality development of the participant.


DE”NOVO” is a platform, where you can show your creativity. Here you can showcase your ideas with respect of given theme.


An exhibition or sale of designer products, Products can be handmade or readymade


BEST OF THE WASTE ESTILLO refers to fashion styling in which participant is free to create with some mix and match


Two rounds of Quiz followed by Clue based problem-solving.

Disease Information and Health Check up Camp

Organise Free Camp.
In an endeavour to raise health awareness and to highlight the importance of regular health check-ups, SRL Diagnostics has been organizing Free RWA Health Check-up Camps. During these health camps, our team of certified phlebotomists conduct blood tests for Cholesterol, Sugar and Creatinine.

Theme based Painting competition

There would be a theme based painting competition as theme will be given on the spot.


Fashion Vitrine will work as filler to the competition “de novo”, Fashion vitrine is an annual fashion show of ITM university conducted by SOAD students. It started in the year 2016. the show is fully conducted by students. Last year a competition was also organized which was named as Mr. and Ms. Fashion vitrine along with the fashion show, this year all the students of fashion design SOAD are presenting their dresses on, handloom[3rd year].


A three days salsa dance competition is to be held from 9th to 11th November, where the first two days will be learning phase and last day the participants will show how much they learnt.


Thousand Miles is the online media partner of Impetus 2017, ITM Gwalior. 


Event dates: 9th-11th November, 2017

Place: ITM University Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Type: Techno-Cultural