Amidst all the hoo-ha of our country, our government launches yet another scheme. Seems like our government has a knack for launching schemes. (please don’t ask about completion of those schemes or execution of those schemes). Our governments have been known for taking remarkable steps for the public interest. Our selfless leaders leave no stone unturned in making sure everything is in the interest of the public. The style of government is so unique that you sometimes find it hard to understand what it’s next move would be. By the time you understand that move, government checkmates you. The fruits of its governance will be preserved in your refrigerator. (in case of power cuts, those fruits might rot!)

Though many things may be in a mess, but fitness in our country holds a very special place. Our Prime Minister too is keen on making the people of our country healthy. He practices yoga and encourages people also to follow the same. His Twitter timeline reflects the same. He has video tutorials of himself(in an animated version) doing the various postures of yoga. The recent online campaign on Twitter which started recently #humfitthoIndiafitwas a huge hit. Celebrities shared glimpses of their fitness regime challenging their friends and encouraging their followers to start staying fit someway or the other. But still, somewhere down the line, the number of people who are making efforts to stay fit is low. The statistics are quite staggering.

What might be the reason? Is it because people of our country are so busy? Wait a moment. There is enormous unemployment in our country, so people are not that busy. Upon brainstorming many such alternatives like the above mentioned one, I arrived at one rational conclusion. The reason might be Jio and it’s unlimited data packs. With front page advertisements involving our Prime Minister, no wonder why would anyone go for another! So that might be the reason. People are lazily scrolling down the phones, through the news feeds, trolling and rolling fingers on the smartphone screen all day.

So our government came with a unique initiative to plug in fitness into the minds of people. To drive more people into fitness, the government has radically raised the fuel prices. So driving vehicles is no longer a feasible mode of transport. People should either walk or use bicycles for transport. See, what a subtle way to pitch in the health consciousness in people.

The government fitness goals for India doesn’t end there. If at all any new flyover is being built in your city, don’t just think it is for infrastructure or development. It’s for your fitness. Constantly keep looking up. This is to make sure that the flyover isn’t falling on you. If it is then you’ll have to sprint. By looking up and down you’re exercising your neck as well. And since you are now entitled to walking only as your mode of transport you get to do more interesting stuff. You will be able to prepare for the next Olympics. Master the art of long jumping and triple jump by jumping over the potholes, uncovered manholes and many such hurdles.

Now when one does all these acrobatics and reaches home, he/she is bound to be hungry. But you shouldn’t eat more. Hence LPG gas prices too have increased by almost 50 rupees. So obviously he/she will have to eat less. And dare to buy vegetables or fruits from the market which are at quite a fancy amount. Irrespective of how little you eat and how many miles you’ve walked, please don’t forget to do pranayama. Teach all your young kids including infants how to do pranayama. Because you never know when you’ll run out of oxygen cylinders in hospitals. And if you’re meeting your female friend from another religion, duck for cover as mobs will come to hunt you in the pretext of Love-jihad. There goes your share of squats for the day. And if you’re a foodie and have a strong penchant for eating beef, then you’ll probably have to run a marathon. (to save yourself from Gau-Rakshaks who are so stupid that they can’t differentiate between a cow and a buffalo). Wow, how much does our highly revered government takes care of us, right? Speaks volumes.

Not only does our government care about our physical health but our mental health also. It always makes sure the citizens are mentally tough. Obviously to see through all their achievements, one has to be mentally very tough. Only then can one be that patient amidst the troublesome turmoil we’ve been going through. The bizarre comments and diabolic dialogues some of our leaders happen to say on public platforms are a testimony to their efforts to enrich mental fitness of the country. Next step to strengthen our brains happens in the brazen newsrooms where we need to figure out what is actually news and what are mere views. This maze is amazing and in figuring out what’s reality and what’s duality of a particular situation will improve one’s mental ability. In reading between the lines lies one’s reasoning and rationale agility.

These are few of the remarkable steps our government has undertaken for the welfare of our country. #Khelo India #Jhelo India!