In our country, the sun is not just a star and a source of vitamin D. He’s a deity, a god and more. In our mythology, the history he’s referred to as a god so it must be really true. We often take you into consideration before and after our deeds. You are at the epitome of all our deeds be it good or bad. Not convinced? Well, allow me to take you through a few instances through which I’ll prove myself right.

Our farmers are in constant distress and they keep looking towards you mister who literally bakes the farmer and his crops. They curse you and ask you to bring rain. Poor sun, you can’t do anything about it. The situation is partly because of our poor implementation of irrigation schemes. The farmers marched thousands of kilometers in protest without caring for their lives. You didn’t even spare those farmers on their way. Our esteemed leaders too blame the sun and assure schemes worth peanuts. Not to mention these schemes worth peanuts are advertised at the cost of walnuts. 

Students are on the streets protesting for jobs and fighting for their careers. Even at the protest venue, the sun is scorching its heat on the students. The aspiring students are made to perspire. The sun’s absolutely showing no mercy. So the students to curse the sun for being too harsh on them. The government however notices this and uses water cannons on the protesting students.

In the pretext of protecting cows, police inspectors are murdered in broad daylight in Bulandshahar. Mr. Sun you were a mere spectator there. You could have at the least hid behind the clouds than silently approve this inhuman activity. Even more atrocious than this inhuman killing is the attention given to the imaginary killing of cow and it’s carcasses rather than nabbing the culprits who killed that policeman. All this while you were watching as if it’s a daily soap, Mr. Sun.

Miners were trapped in a rat mine in Meghalaya. News channels barely covered the news. The miners were craving to see you for the next day and their families desperately hoping they do come out alive. Amidst all this, all we can do is pray that they come out alive. Mr. Sun, please smile sensibly when the miners to come out after the rescue operation.

Women from a  reputed University gets molested by one of the non-teaching staff. The Dean of that University was caught on camera telling not to make this a big issue and giving the girls a lecture on sanskaar and stuff. Maybe you’re not showing up on the dean’s office every day Mr. Sun or his intellect was sunk in the sea of ignorance. Victim bashing isn’t new in our country.Earlier such shady things used to happen only after you were asleep. Now such heinous acts occur in broad daylight while you are totally awake as well.

Talking about sanskaar, there are certain things we authorize as they are garnished with a tinge of religion and a ton of myths. And the irony is that these myths and opinions form discussions at the Indian science Congress. A place where the brilliance of this country meets, it’s not everyday you see the rationale and logic digress so much to the extent we get to hear phrases like ‘gravitational waves would be renamed as “Narendra Modi waves”. Another reputed vice chancellor of Andhra University gave his speech in the Indian science Congress in a different tangent all together. Well it would be safe to say these people were in a different dimension while delivering his speech at the Indian science Congress 2019. I know you were furious at those people Mr. Sun. But they were in their own bubble cosy in that air conditioned auditorium. There are only two reasons people might say such a thing. Number one might be they were trying to pull out a prank and the second being their rationale had sunk into the sea of ignorance.

Mr. Sun you might breathe fire but deep inside you’re a cold hearted person. You stood motionless when soldiers are dying at the border and women are getting raped inside the border in the country. Are you somewhere down the line insulating yourself from this and applauding the culprits. Even girls in Bihar shelter homes were deprived of a normal life and were brutally assaulted. At least you could have directed your array of rays into the eyes of those culprits.

For all the riots which took place, be it in Kasganj, the violence created by the Kavariyaas, the mob attack on Swami Agnivesh and Umar Khalid, the Bhima-Koregaon violence and the tens of hundreds of riots which took place there is only one common witness. It is you, Mr. Sun, as all these incidents happened in broad daylight when morality was snoring and communalism was roaring. You were a mere spectator Mr. Sun. You allowed this sin to happen in your presence. These riots are a soaring sore in our country. They need to be arrested soon else might turn into deadly cancer. But alas! Justice seems to be a distant dream and don’t seem to co-operate with the righteous.

It’s not that we hate you Mr. Sun. It’s just that our relationship with you is complicated. We need you but to an extent only. So don’t take anything to heart. If you really exist with a humane side show some mercy on the peasant and make his life pleasant. You give life don’t be the reason for the loss of someone’s life. Mr. Sun, you might argue saying that it is not you and me who have done so by exploiting our resources extravagantly. But we are now trying our best to reduce the exploitation. So take a chill pill and don’t be too harsh on us!

In this winter season, we love you sun and want you to stay a bit more. Yet a couple of months from now we’ll be begging you to leave as early as possible. Pretty much similar to our elected leaders, right. Every time they come up with a beaming manifesto we welcome them, wait and wait and wait for things to change. LoL! At the end of five years think that the previous one was far better than this one and beg you to go. The sun obeys us at least once in a while. Will our leaders oblige us?