Indian population is in great debt, the debt of the land we are living upon. Our every breath in liberal India is because of those epitomes whose names a citizen of this nation barely remembers. While considering the love for the nation, for motherland, how can one forget about the greatest sapiens, the legends who laid the foundation of liberal India? The Indian population not just the government, artists or common men, but all of us, there is a majestic privilege that Indian population is having since 72 years. The privilege of freedom, liberty, and fundamentals we acquire. A nation, where you can get up, take a cab and go to work, just like that. This India was a dream of a few legends that died for it. Can you die for the coming generation? But they did.

The Indian population does not value the freedom because, there were only a few great human beings who died for our freedom and fewer families who sacrificed their sons, daughters, husbands, while most of the population got the freedom  sitting at home and doing absolutely nothing about it. Taking into consideration the Second World War, each citizen among nations that fought, knows the value of freedom peace and respect for motherland, because from each family, someone died. They all know what loss means, and clearly the Indian population doesn’t. There is IAF, Indian Army, Indian Navy and RAW, who is doing all that for us, but neither the government, nor commoners are respecting them enough. That’s the majestic privilege we had, we have and going to have.

While revolting in the prison, the members of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association didn’t eat for more than 55 days. They were sustaining their bodies on water. Acknowledging the few who apparently do not know about HSRA is an immense pleasure.  The Hindustan Socialist Republican Association was a revolutionary organization who is responsible for the freedom of the nation lead by ShaheedBhagat Singh. This organization revolted for the freedom, while sitting in Lahore central jail. They didn’t eat for more than 55 days, they bore hunters for the sake of the nation they couldn’t able to see with their own eyes. It was the vision of Shaheed Bhagat Singh for the demand of ultimate and absolute independence of the nation.

The Indian national congress just wanted the power in their hands, they proposed they will run the country under British Raj; clearly, they wanted power, not freedom. It was the vision of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Bose, British raj got scared and left this nation and the nation acquired absolute freedom, otherwise Indians could have been slaves of the British till date. Now, these legends are just names in history books, not even whole chapters, their vision is manipulated as violence but in the epic of  Mahabharat Krishna, himself taught Arjuna the difference between violence and self-defense. Initiating the attack is violence, a reflex to the attack is considered as self-defense. So, clear your thought process, as it was never violence just self-defense.

It is stated by Bhagat that “if we don’t believe in unity in diversity and we all are Indians first this incredible land will be converted in living hell in the name of religion and apparently we could succeed in sending back the whites but the blacks will destroy the country in the same way”, it is quite fascinating how a 23-year-old boy predicted the future that is the reality of nation today. Politicians are dividing the country in the name of religion for the sake of votes. Bhagat always spoke about Hindu-Muslim unity and spread the idea which has become the greatest reason to fight today. The Indian education system has manipulated these names so viciously that it is unacceptable.

The love for the country could be defective if one doesn’t consider these names. The love for the nation is absolutely fragmentary without these names. Although there were a few leaders post-independence who had similar vision like Lal Bahadur Shastri who stated “Jai Jawan, Jai Kissan”.



                 -Bhagat Singh

Men, money, and materials cannot by themselves bring victory or freedom. We must have the motive-power that will inspire us to brave deeds and heroic exploits

                                                               -Subash Chandra Bose