My two bright eyes
Have begun to recognize
The colours of the rainbow bright,
“Do these really make our life colourful?”
I asked myself.
In jiffy came the reply:
“It’s true that although
Violet grants hue
To flowers and
Indigo fills
Most of the rivers;
Blue summons itself
In dyeing the sky while
Green complements the
Attire of Mother Nature;
Yellow reflects the prowess
Of the solar king,
Orange resembles
The mighty fire;
Red sets the marital status
Of the feminine beautiful,
Can we really overlook
Black and White?
Are these present simply
To justify the stark differences,
Or attributes something
Of a higher realm?”
My inquisitive mind replied:
“Though each one of us
Has the right to paint
Ourselves with all the colours bright,
Can we forget the colours- Black and White
When these culturally symbolise
Grief and death alike,
Which even the seven slots of colours
Cannot certainly occupy?
Thus, surfaces out the significance
Of black and white
That leaves no reason
To assign the seven rainbow colours
The core hues of life
When black and white are
Too inseparable parts of life.