Olivia’s colleague cum friend Megha asked her, “I mean how long do you think will this go on?” Startled by her sudden investigation, Vi(as addressed by her friends) gathered herself and tried to avoid the question for as long as she could.  ”Where on earth do you find such lovely earrings? Even if I cast a hawk’s eye, I am sure I could never find such a pair.

You know what! I could eat them, they look so adorable!!” She started complimenting rather hopelessly. Megha could sense Vi’s futile attempt to avoid the topic. “Vi don’t digress!” in a commanding tone Megha said.”I mean you guys like to be around each other, hang out more than a couple, fight like cats and dogs, you expect his call, he calls you every single day, you don’t like him talking about other girls and still, you have nothing to say??” “Please, Megha let’s not start with it again because I don’t have answers to all your questions” Vi rather annoyed with her said. “I know Vi, you will never have an answer because you fear the reality.

It’s been almost two years and I just fear that you don’t commit the same mistake again. Just ask him what’s his deal and get over it. You cannot be like this forever. Could you?” No, I couldn’t”, Vi said to herself. Sensing no reply from Vi, Megha like an army that lost a battle finally retreated to her shell smiling. Vi knew she had to prepare herself for another such uncalled session where Megha would make her sit on a chair and would continue with her lectures on commitment, love and what they liked to call ‘situationship’. Vi knows that her friend meant good and that she would never agree to let her feelings slaughtered or gassed in a concentration camp all over again. Vi have had enough of it and would rather not try to sip down to square one again.

Back at home, Vi recalled a quote by renowned poet Pablo Neruda from his poem “Keeping Quiet”, “Let’s just count to twelve and keep still” and she said to herself…. I did what he asked me to. I dwelt under quiet introspection about what am I actually doing by trying to hope against a hopeless relationship I felt for a certain person. At the end of the road, there won’t be light but darkness, no hope but despair, no cover of happiness but a shroud to bury my sentiment.

I know the cons but how do I make my mind deal with the bitterness of truth hidden in a reality that seems so pleasant.” But her never convincing, ever intimidating ‘inner Vi’ rose from her slumber once the ‘conscious Vi’ triggered the thought of discontinuing the situationship. “What about the support, care, help you got from him when you needed it the most? What about the laughs you had so heartily when you tried to seek shelter in your tears? What about it? Is this what you give a person who stood strong against the thunders of your life? Excellent Vi! Her unrelenting self-sneered at her thought and Vi was straddled in the dilemma to either hold on or to leave this situationship forever.

Overtly tempted to steal a quick peak on Whatsapp anticipating someone’s ‘Hi’ she turned on her phone and yes someone did leave her a text behind. She would have killed if not being able to get that text. But to her bitter disappointment, it was from Megha; asking her not to get locked in the shackles of an impractical web rather act mature. “Don’t let your heart take the place of your brain. Not this time Vi. Please.” Vi gathered herself and promised that she would act mature and not let her feelings get the upper hand. She knows where the future lies, a relationship without any commitment is like a ship without a captain. She thought of getting out from this situationship forever and resorted to what she always does and that is the “Block treatment”. “I will block him from every possible way that leads him to me” Vi aligned her mind. Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and yes Gmail too, she made a list and started her process unaware that there’s no such software invented to block a person from her mind.

How would she do that? She accomplished all her targets and could already sense a feeling of moving ahead. But then she remembered, “I didn’t block his number in my phone.” As she was about to put the final nail in the coffin that number which she had been anticipating all over flashed on her big, fat smart screen. She answered. Vi pushed herself back into the loop of situationship and that’s the end of it. I mean you don’t have an end or an answer to these kinds of situations. So I guess we should let just let Vi do what she wants to because if it’s meant to be it will. What are the odds??