Tell me, how many times have you seen a character learning from his/her mistakes? Well, in Game of Thrones, almost every character at some point in their life, was terribly wrong. But how many of them really did something to make things right?

I don’t know if you understand which character I’m referring to, because there are many like that who did horrible things. Here, I’m talking about Theon Greyjoy.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “ugh, that moron”. yes, I agree that he is. He did the most terrible things one could ever imagine. He fled Winterfell on his dad’s commands, he attacked Winterfell and killed maester Rodrik. Maester Luwin somehow managed to save Bran and Rickon from him. But in order to look cool, he killed two farm boys and made it look like he killed Bran and Rickon ( what an idiot). Just when he thought he had it all, along came Ramsey Snow (Bolton) and tortured him like anything.

Oh! What a pain to see him suffer even though we started hating him already. His manhood was chopped off and sent to his family. After all this, he literally lost the will to actually live. His sister Yara Greyjoy came to save him but he didn’t leave the prison with her because of the trauma he was going through. That was idiocy, but I don’t blame him. But when Ramsey married Sansa and raped her every night, that’s when Theon realized that now, is the best time to atone for the sins that he committed so far.

He helped Sansa flee Winterfell and meet Jon at the night’s watch. He helped his sister Yara Greyjoy to claim the throne of Iron islands after the brutal death of their father by their uncle Euron Greyjoy. He tried to fight his battles on his own. He tried to serve the right queen, he tried to help Jon Snow even though he knew Jon hated him for what he did. Theon’s life is no way easy.

I’ve no idea how he would manage to stay alive the next season. But one thing I’m sure of is that he is quite a man who learnt from his mistakes and tried to correct them. Not everyone in the world of Game of Thrones tries to do the right thing. Not everyone in the world of Game of Thrones wants to suffer the pain that being right brings. So, yes, I once took Theon as a puppy, then as an evil man, then as an idiot, and at last, as a hero, that he is for me today.