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Jai Krishna Pillai, An Enthusiastic Flute Artist1 min read

Thousand Miles features this immensely talented Flute artist who loves playing his flute from the core of his heart. Here is his story behind his passion for flute playing.

About The Author

Bikash Mahato

An electrical engineer by education. An alumnus of RIST, Meghalaya. Pursuing his dream course on Video and Film Design at MITID, Pune. A vibrant and meticulous in-house creative creature of Thousand Miles family. He loves sketching, traveling, meeting creative people and tasting palatable dishes wherever he goes to. He excels in digitally designed works as well as manual by-hand sketching and painting. He is one of the youngest in the Thousand Miles family yet very stylish like-wise his design works. We, at Thousand Miles lovingly call him as ‘Tiklu’.

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