A man, who has always put his family first. Having said this, a man, who is known to be a backstabber, but prefers to ignore the world because he knows what’s what.  Unfortunately, a man, who finally has no choice, but to choose between two most important people in his life: his sister and brother. What is he going to do?

But first, who is this character anyway? What made him stand on that crossroad?


Now that everyone knows who I’m referring to, it is the time to see what the destiny has decided for him.

We know him for his Prince-Charming looks, his gross incest and his cruel act of pushing Bran right off the window. But, as the series moved forward, we saw his love towards his siblings and father. He is one of those characters, whose image changed right in front of us. But now what?

This crossroad, where he is standing, after fleeing Kingslanding and leaving his evil sister high and dry. What is written in his fate? The last scene I remember, he was on his horse, on his way to the north, when he realised that winter is finally here. No one knows what he’d do next.

I came up with a few theories though. What if he takes another step and The Mountain stabs him through the back? What if halfway through the north he realises that staying with Cersei is safer after all? What if he reaches the north and turns out the dragons are hungry and next thing you know, he is inside Drogon’s belly? What if Jon has a hard time trusting him and he stabs Jaime himself?

A lot can happen on GoT. But there’s one thing I’m pretty sure of. He might not survive till the final episode. Because if you ask me, Cersei might have let him flee, but she would probably try to get him back on her leash before it’s too late. But the way Jaime left her seems like he finally wants to bring a change. That he finally wants to do the right thing. That he finally realized that his brother was right after all. It’s probably the first time he has put the survival of humans first. He knows that if the army of the dead reaches Kingslanding, there would not be a place for his sister to rule. Now is the time to come together and fight the approaching enemy.

I think he should at least survive his way up to the North. Jon and Tyrion might need his counsel. Maybe he can distract some whites with his amazing looks. Who knows? (hahaha). He would get once in a lifetime chance to apologize for what he did to Bran and might as well confront in front of the people of the North. I can’t say if he will be able to fight those white-walkers, but there’s one thing I’m sure of, and that is, there’s no harm in using one more hand ( if you know what I mean) if it lets you survive 5 more minutes.