Science is the one who made our life easier and interesting, In fact, knowing science and making things out of it to work is part of daily life. Science has a branch now and it is technology. Soul sister? Yeah! Because no matter what you do you are a slave to technology as you are to Science. Helpless!  But as coins have two sides and so it has. Technology made us active and impatient where we need to be, but also somewhere very patient where we shouldn’t be. Well!! Cannot call it a fault of technology completely. Let’s get to the scene.

We, humans, have the patience to post a question on Quora but a patience to wait for a reply to WhatsApp message we don’t have. Do you get what I am trying to say? We, humans, are silly, also crazy enough to post a question which can be very easily found or can be searched on Google and get a quick answer, but we have patience so we post silly questions on Quora, here they are

  • How many vacancies are there on some recruitment? Or what is the last date to fill the form? Isn’t silly? I wonder people have so much time that they can wait for someone else to find it out for them, which they could have solved it just by clicking the home site of particular recruitment. Don’t you think one needs to take career seriously?
  • Now comes another category, when will I get married? When will I get my periods? When will I get over my ex? Quora is full of very qualified people, but it also has these. Someone needs to tell them when they will give birth to kids as well. This is the category of annoying people who have the patience for this.

Now, talking about our daily life Whatsapp and Facebook and other messaging apps, where if you don’t reply wave hi ad you have been busy then you will receive many as such till you say them HI!  Or to stop them. If you don’t find it important to comment or reply you will be called a person who has no courtesy or in a sarcastic way you are a very busy person.

This is an article to the people to use their patience at the right place so that it helps them to grow in the right direction. It will keep their mind calm even in the moment where one can bruise someone from harsh words.

Time is precious because everything can come back but not the time. Technology is to make life easier not complicated so why to make such little but weird gestures to time. Why not use words, technology, patience and obliviously time effectively.