Well you are here, that’s very good for you I think. You have to, because you have thought to lead your own life better by knowing your girl. I am not any perfect philosopher or a psychiatrist but I want to help you about the same from what I have experienced in my own life and most importantly what you needed. You may be very possessive about your girl, or you have full faith on her or you love her more than anything else in this entire mortal zenith.  But dear friend believe me though you know your girl better than anyone else there is something you don’t know or you ignored what she had already signaled you because you love her or you adore her much.  Do not worry, I am here to help you to get and know what she has indicated and signaled to you. There are few ways I found out whether she is cheating you or indicating something else or trying to dumb you up. At the very outset you may not like or agree with what I told you about the ways. Hold on dude and take a chill-pill, go through my analyzed ways that I am going to tell you. Just apply these stuffs if you want to help yourself and that will be very appreciative if you can make your life good and healthy. The ways are as follows:

  1. While on dating with your girl, if suddenly she get paused for a while and starts looking outside the window or anything else. You better understand she is getting bored with you. She needs a fresh break-up dude. In this juncture of life, do not ask about ‘what happen’ or ‘what’s up’. That will irritate her much and she will get a bridge to relate and tell you that things are not going good between two of you. Better you stand up and take her for a nice ride or near a beach. And the other way if you thought you cannot manage that just break up with her dude. There are many girls for you in this world who is much pretty and sober. So what’s the hell you are waiting for! Go for that.
  2. Suppose once while you are making love with her, she uncertainly mentions about a guy whom she met on her way to school or college or office or home. To this context, if she possibly mentions twice or thrice about him during the conversation, then wake up Sid! It is high alert for you. Might be she is convinced or fascinated the way he talks with her or about his earthly possession. Dear friend the red light is on for you. Grab her back to you in time or otherwise that very guy will steal your girl in a whirl of moments. Remember, girls are very emotional and gets touchy whenever they find someone smarter or better than you. Do something cunning for your girl to get rid of him.
  3. Let’s see another case of this prospect. Suppose your girl ask you to recharge her cellular device citing that she has no money left to run the entire month. What will you do? You will recharge it because you love her. Right? But after recharging her cell phone, she never rang you any time. But it was you who called her late nights asking about her. Dear friend you are really then the dumbest person in this world. Find out to whom she is calling with recharge amount you put in her cell phone. That person may be her new and close friend. Believe me she will definitely ask you again to do the same after the previous amount get exhaust. If she not then stop reading my point views later when you browse this website. Again you do something man. It’s a high time for you.
  4. Suppose for a week or few days your girl did not ring you up. What will you do then? Like a sober boy you will ring her up and ask about her condition. Right? No friend. Actually she is trying you in your relationship with her. She tries to be in safe side. So when she wants to break up with you in future she will directly tell you that it was you who was after her not she. So dear friend, do not go your repo down. Otherwise you have to pay at last. Remember that!
  5. My last analysis in this prospect is about the word ‘compromise’. Do not compromise with your life for her. Make a clear relationship with her. Because if you compromise, it will turn to your habit. You will face many problems if you do so. Let the things go crystal clear from your and her side. Then you can have a beautiful life with your girl. In this point I will say. There is proverb saying “behind every successful person there is a woman”. But in this world the rate of unsuccessful men is more. Remember that. So I will say “behind every un-successful man there can be a woman”. So do not compromise and be happy friend!