Let’s throw light,

On the plight,

Which is making our peasants fight,

With all their might,

For their basic rights,

And as far as they could see,

Justice was nowhere in their sight,

All of this on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti.


There was once a visionary,

Named Lal Bahadur Shastri,

Who sloganeered,

“Jai Jawan Jai Kisan”,

Little did he know about,

The way that gets reiterated,

In a completely contradictory manner,

Making either of them fight,

On the eve of his anniversary,

Which also coincides with Gandhi Jayanti,

The inception of irony!


Let’s throw light,

On the rampant sexism,

On the vehement casteism,

On the hateful hooliganism,

On crass communalism,

On cunning crony capitalism,

On pseudo-patriotism,

And on many other dark corners of our great country,

Which constantly drag the country into the dark.


It’s high time,

We throw light,

To differentiate between the farce and fact,

To make sure our cultural fabric remains intact,

To sign a pleasantries pact,

With the soul of India,

Which belongs to the whole of India,

Which cannot be divided by narrow domestic walls,


Into that very country,

My father, let my country awake.