Come December and it’s a time for celebrations, after a very delightful Diwali, now we have Christmas and the New -Year on way. Of course the world was supposed to end on 21st Dec, but here I am typing this article still alive and having to study for my term papers which I hoped would never happen. Now that exams are over for a lot of lucky people minus me and with the sale season to start any day, it’s the best time of the year, au revoir to the old year and welcome 2013 with mega-watt smiles on our faces.

The beauty of December with a chilly breeze, cup of coffee/chai, and colourful red and green Christmas decorations all around is the simplest source of happiness than can make anyone smile. It’s the perfect holiday season to go on vacations and spend quality time with family. But the festive season does not end here, January has ‘MaaghBihu’ in store for us…an ultimate time for food frenzy and enjoying a good meal beside a bon fire, not to forget dollops of homemade ‘laru-pitha’ and ‘kaathalu’ fry. Festive seasons are paradise for foodie’s like me, with all that missed out family time, happiness, love and an unlimited amount of good food, sometimes I wish every day had some festival in store only for that good food. But that would be no fun, apart from shopping everyday till my mom decides she can’t stand me anymore and sends me back to college.

Now after shifting to Lajpat, I am really feeling the groove of December celebrations, something which I hugely missed in Noida. It’s all lights and decorations here; I even bought myself a Christmas star, and got a light fixed in it, after having quite a debate with the electrician uncle. Everything, everywhere screams of festive holiday season, take a walk in d market or go to some mall, I bet you know exactly what I mean. And since the world really didn’t end and there were no aliens or zombies, I dug a bit on Mayan culture, not that they ran out of space for further carvings, pun intended, I found it’s only the winter solstice that ends, it’s actually a time for change, for the better. What better way to reflect that than the New Year, to make new resolutions, in my case make and break them the next day itself, new beginnings, probably forgive and forget old hatred or just be happy. My resolution this time would be to make someone else happy, that should not be hard, there I finally have an unbreakable resolution after years. December, in Barny’s words (from How I met your Mother), is simply even more “awesome” for me because it’s my birthday month too 😀 (shy’s away after announcing it to the world). However, exams are banging and almost breaking down my door, so I got to stay put and bury myself in books.

But I hope each and every one of you out there has an exam-free, happy and crazy Christmas + new year celebrations, cheers to 2013, and let’s hope it’s  ‘legendary’ for everyone, in the end in my defense, yes, I have been watching too much of “how I met your mother”.

P.S. also let’s hope that in 2013, the  heinous crime of rape in our country finds a solution, a distant dream, however not impossible, my prayers with all the victims, be strong, we are all with you.

Towards a new era, we march…. (with Final count down by ‘Europe’ playing on the background).