An Aunthentic legacy recipe of Mutton/Lamb from westbengal, India

Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
45 min
Total Time
65 min
500 gms mutton
4 pista
2 onions
4 small & 2 big cardamom
5-6 coriander leaves
2 piece of fry red ( sukha mirch ) chili
2 tsp salt
5-6 whole black pepper
1 cup chana
½ cup mustard oil
1 boiled egg
4 cloves
1 tsp cumin seed
1 tsp sugar
1) wash the mutton pieces with water and soak them on kitchen towel, keep aside
2) take a masala grinder and make a powder of following ingredients :-
a) 4 pista b) 1 cup chana c) fry red chili d) whole black paper
e) cloves f) 2 big & 2 small cardamom.
3) Fry those together in a pan and make powder.
4) take a pan give 2 tsp of oil & cut 2 onions & fry them until it gets brown.
5) take grinder make a paste of those fried onions.
6) again take a pan give the rest of oil .add 2 cardamom & cumin seeds.
7) add mutton pieces into pan & add the powder which we already make before.
8) mix it well & add some curds & again mixed it. cover up upto 20 mins.
9) after 20 mins add onion paste & mix it well & cover it upto 20 mins.
10) give the boiled egg upon it & cover it & give it cook for some time.
11) cover with lid, lower flame to simmer .add coriander leaves over it.
12) serve hot and enjoy with naan/roti/chapatis/rice
Tip : during the cooking we always look after the mutton as there is possibilities of sticking with pan as we don’t add water.curd and paste only make mutton soft.if its sticking more then we can add some all the process with lower flame so that not get burn easily.

Side Dish Salad Recipe
Serves 4

Prep Time
10 min

2 red colour tomato
2 green colour tomato
1 onion
½ piece of carrot
2-3 coriander leaves
5 piece kajo
2 green chili
2-3 green motor

1) cut green & red tomato as finely rounded shape
2) cut green chili as round shape
3) finely chopped carrot and onion.
4) take a dish or plate and place green & red tomatoes as the top
Of the plate as alternative manner
5) in middle space spread all chopped vegetables
6) now finally garnish with chili, kajo, green motor.
7) serve with any kind of dish.
Tip : this side dish if u want u can add more vegetables n some salt too for more tasty and garnishing.