Local KungFu 2 is an Assamese Martial Arts comedy film. It is directed by Kenny Basumatary and produced by Durlov Baruah. It is the sequel to 2013 film Local Kung Fu. The sequel is based on William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. The film-makers successfully raised money for post-production through crowdfunding @wishberry.com and the film was released on 19 April 2017.

The Assamese Film Industry is running through a rough patch for last 10-15 years. There are very few producers who like to invest in Assamese films these days. The reason behind is the mentality of the audience where a Hollywood or Bollywood movie is more preferred and hence takes cover all the screens in Assam. Those films come and go with lots of profit as they a complete a week or even a month. Many say Assamese films has no storyline like it used to have. The thing is, why someone likes to create, develop, produce and direct a film that its own people would deny watching and would rather go for pirated version over the internet. Making a profit by making an Assamese Movie is something that has become an unreal in today’s Assam. There are lots of effort from various directors, actors and producers to revive the Industry’s old pride, but due to piracy and dominance of Bollywood and Hollywood have left the Industry to all few occasional music videos and small length Assamese movies.

Meet Mr Kenny Basumatary, the maker of Local Kung Fu and Local Kung fu 2 who thought of creating an Assamese Action comedy film back in 2013. He made it with a very low budget but the awesome quality of full on comedy and un-wired Actions based on Martial Arts. It gained popularity as soon as it was released in Assam and in youtube. The kids, teenagers, adults, everyone loved the content. The characters and their dialogue become so popular that people started mimicking and act like them every now and then. They became favorite to the mass in no time. To every folder of the teenager, you can find this movie securely kept.

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Keeping the same vigor and zeal, Mr. Basumatary and his team conceptualized the sequel for the same film by 2016. They started working on the script and the locations. All the dialogue scenes in the film have been shot twice – in Hindi and Assamese, for two separate versions of the film. The soundtrack of the film will have 5 – 6 songs, by Tony and Utkarsh. As the film reached its post production, Mr. Basumatary has invested all his hard earned money and hence all the work came to hold for while. This is when, the team approached to the common mass through Wishberry.com where they went for crowd-funding for a sum of 8 Lacs for the post-production of the movie. It was 45 days event for collecting that sum of money through the website. They came up successfully and completed the final works and documentation for the film and got the certification for the release by 19th April all over Assam. Their struggle didn’t stop there as the Local Kungfu 2 clashed dates with the magnum opus highly budgeted Baahubali 2. 

The Local Kung Fu 2 was running successfully in almost all the screens of the Assam and near-by areas in Northeast. The halls were going house-full and they delivered what they promised and what Assamese people were expecting so long. The ‘Outside lobby from other states of India continued politicking so as to remove this regional movie with Baahubali 2. Unlike the other states like Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, there is no such reservation for regional movies in Assam. This affected Local Kunfu 2 in a mass scale. There were support for the movie through out Assam over Social Media and other possible Mediums. The popular blogs Teenagers of Assam, Unitreed, Fried Eye and many other including Thousand Miles came up officially in support of this movie. Due to high politicking and business pressure, the cinema hall owners took down the screens of Local Kungfu 2 even after running a full house for a week. Though the movie re-released again in the northeast as they must collect what has been invested in the movie although a profit could make the Local Kungfu 2 team happy and relaxed.

The Local Kungfu 2 team decided to release the movie in MovieSaints.com where you just have to pay around 3-4 Dollars to watch the movie online. The movie is still continuing with good reviews and much popularity as the people outside Assam who could not watch the movie due to many reasons, are enjoying online by paying. It is a complete fun of 2 hours where you can laugh out loud as the movie takes on the adaptation of William Shakespeare ‘Comedy of Errors’.

We, at Thousand Miles see this movie as a light of hope to Assamese Film Industry. To enhance your knowledge on facts. Let me tell you this Film Industry has garnered 43 National Award (Rajat Kamal- Silver Lotus) till date since 1955 which includes the likes of Jahnu Baruah’s ‘, Pokhi, Kukhal, Konikar Ramdhenu’ and many more.

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