Directed byLaxman Utekar
Produced byDinesh Vijan
Written byRohan Shankar
StarringKartik Aaryan and Kriti Sanon
Music bySongs:
Tanishk Bagchi
White Noise
Abhijit Vaghani
Ketan Sodha
CinematographyMilind Jog
Edited byManish Pradhan
Maddock Films
Distributed byAA Films
Jio Studios
Release date1 March 2019
Running time126 minutes[
Budget₹25 crore[
Box office₹121.63 crore


Luka Chuppi: Kartik Aaryan and Kriti Sanon starring as Guddu and Rashmi respectively in this movie are the protagonists. It is 2 hours of total entertainment. I am impressed by the comic timing and funny twists and turn. It’s a movie that starts off as a typical rom-com flick and goes on with a handful of decent laughs, all through the second half.

Guddu (Kartik), the local popular reporter and Rashmi (Kriti) meet each other in a local cable news channel office in Mathura. They fall for each other at first sight. He proposes her for marriage just after a few dates. But on the other hand, she rejects the offer temporarily saying they should live together to judge their couple compatibility before getting into a married relationship.

Everything just seems all clear except the fact that Rashmi’s dad is a right-wing politician committed deadly in protecting so-called Indian culture of yore. This means he’s the kind of local Minister whose party workers keeps an eagle on all unmarried romancing couples.

To their luck and with a little help by Guddu’s friend, Guddu and Rashmi are sent to Gwalior for a work assignment. In Gwalior, they rent a flat in order to judge what it feels like to stay together as a married couple. The film’s humour punches focus on the misunderstanding of everyone that the couple is actually a married one when they are actually not. They as a couple feels they are not actually and tried several attempts trying to sneak off here there to get actually married, but they failed miserably. the ‘LOL’ moments are those where Guddu’s family caught him many times while he tries to marry her; completely misunderstanding him as a senseless, illogical man and a womanizer goin completely mental believing he is trying to marry one girl after another.

The Film ends in a scene where the ‘Social Marriage’ event has been going on. Social Marriage is such an event where many couples get married in the same place in an economic way. Their final attempt to actually get married lead them to their last and final failure where Rashmi’s father catches them red-handed. At this, she freaks out and speaks the pain of hiding to her father. She let him what the young generation actually wants and what they actually believe. Netaji finally realizes the fact that to win the election in his constituency which he miserably failed the last time, he has to understand the nerve of the young generation. So with all love and support, they finally tie the most awaited knot to be finally considered as happy man and wife.

Our Review

LUKA CHUPPI is a funny rom-com Bollywood flick which takes on the modern day relationships in Indian society. Vishnu Trivedi (Vinay Pathak) playing the role of Rashmi’s father is spot on. The script by Rohan Shankar feels absolutely smooth and humour punches are just perfect. The cherry on the top is Pankaj Tripathi, playing the role of Guddu’s brother-in-law, takes you for a number of laughter with his comic timing and his interesting wardrobe collection and funny moves. Director of the movie Laxman Utekar, for me, has been quite ambitious in portraying the needs of Indian society and he has been successful in his attempts. I give special credit to both the protagonists, Aryan and Kriti, for their natural skills in acting and following what the script has demanded.