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I wish you all happy Durga Puja and Dusshera. I hope you have had an awesome festival this season. Let’s pray to Goddess Durga so that we can kill all the evils in our mind which are the root of mishappenings in the world. Enjoy to the Fullest and stay safe.

The┬áIndian Institute of Technology (IIT)┬áCouncil led by Union HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ had approved a proposal to hike the fee of the master’s programme on 27th September, 2019 and bring it to the level of the B.Tech courses. Along with it, the monthly stipends of Rs. 12,400 has also been stopped across all IITs; eventually, it will be applicable to the new admission.

As per the government official announcement, “All concessions and scholarships for SC/ST/OBC and others will continue without change. The fee hike will discourage non-serious students, who after a few months of stay in IITs, leave the programme midway to take up employment or to prepare for competitive exams.”

Lets’s come to the point. As per the government, it has been done to only attract serious M.tech/Research students. But how come the government be so stupid of not knowing that needy students who could be better researchers for the country need the aid of scholarship and less M.tech fees? According to my knowledge and experience, it will further demotivate even the interested students and the employment pressure on PSUs will increase. This move by the government can be termed as ‘Sab ke Saath, kuch ka Satyanaash..” People are scared to speak the truth. They fear of sedition laws. You might be tagged ‘Anti-national and put behind the bars, who knows?

Indian National Congress as per the current government did nothing constructive for the country, but the majority of IITs and NITs were built before 2014. If the present government has been so good in the department of education and research, why in the last 6 years of their rule, not a single technical institute made itself to the Global top 150 institutes in QS Ranking? I guess, even the government does not know the reason behind it. The probable reasons are fewer research funds, less foreign university-IIT tie-ups, less foreign students and professors exchange, and poor scientific citations along with the recent demotivation for M.Tech fees hike and removal of research scholarships in M.Tech level. It is all up to you. The next time when you go for voting, do know your priorities, just not Hindu-Muslim & India-Pakistan issues.

Signing off from the desk of Editor-in-Chief