Have you ever been to Cambodia to visit world famous Ankorwatt Temples? No? OK! Not a problem! You may see these temples in the future but for now, you can visit and can see a replica of Angkorwatt temples here in our country, India, in the state of Himachal Pradesh! But here, these temples are known as Masroor Rock Temples.

We have some holidays in the October end and the weather was very pleasant so we made a quick plan to go to visit Himachal after discussing a lot about various places viz, Mathura – Vrindavan, Gwalior- Datia and about Vidisha but finally, we stuck at Masroor. Masroor Rock temple is the best to reach from Kangda, a main town of Himachal but toy train was suspended those days from Pathankot to Kangda so we decided to go there from Pathankot by Bus. There is no direct bus from Pathankot to Masroor.

At first, we went from Pathankot to Batti Meel ( 32nd Miles). It is very interesting to know about Batti Meel or Batti Mil. You can also Google this place. It’s actually 32nd miles stone from the side of Pathankot as Battis Meel in Hindi, but Punjabi people pronounce 32 as Batti and Miles as meel so this place came to known as Batti Mil. From Batti Mil, you have to go to Lunj by Bus and from Lunj, the Masroor Rock Temple was just 5-6 Km away but the temple was not on the main road so you have to hire a taxi for another Rs. 300-400. Yes , there were some 3-4 buses plying from Nagrota Surian to this temple but for this purpose, you have to wait .

I would like to add a name of an interesting place here, although we could not visit that place if you are coming here in Monsoon, you should go to “Bathu ki Ladi “ temples also. These temples are actually very near to Batti Mil place and remain submerged in the dam’s water for about 4-5 months in monsoon. It gives a nice view and refreshing feel to see these temples almost fully submerged in water . In rest of the months , these temples remain open for public.

Masroor Rock-Cut temples are about 35 Kilometers from Kangda. These are made in Nagra styles of Indian Architect and are devoted to Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, and Devi. These were made in the 8th Century but earthquake demolished these temples a lot. These temples were made by cutting of a monolithic rock with Shikhar. Here you will find a pond in front of these temples and these all make it very beautiful. When you would be there and you would see the reflection of these temples in the pond and you will be just amazed! A true replica of Angkorwatt temples. These temples were initially made on a square platform but now it has mostly demolished. The English Officer Henry Shuttle worth firstly wrote about these temples in 1913 and thereafter ASI took these temples in their control. I always travel by public transport means but if you are traveling by your own vehicles, you may have enough space for your vehicle parking here and yes ! I have some tea –maggi in the premise of this temple .

Listing here distances from the main cities to Masroor Rock Temple:     

From Delhi to Masroor Rock Temple – 465 KM

From Pathankot  to Masroor Rock Temple – 83 KM

From Kangda  to Masroor Rock Temple – 35 KM

From Dahrmshala to Masroor Rock Temple – 45 KM

From Ranital  to Masroor Rock Temple – 23 KM