Okay, so last time, we discussed the pure and pious, Ned Stark.

Well, this time, things are going to get a little filthier. Because our this week’s character profile is about a lady, who is dirty(really), clever, and a devotee of the lord of light.

Yes, it’s the Red Woman aka’ Lady Melisandre. A beauty with hell lot of brains. So, Lady Melisandre worships the lord of light, everyone knows that. Her quote “The night is dark and full of terrors” is more popular than the red woman herself. If you ask me, I know many people who don’t watch Game of Thrones (ridiculous, don’t get me started), but they know a few popular phrases used in the series. One of which is hers.

Melisandre considers herself as the biggest worshiper of the lord of light. She gets visions of the future, an ability gifted to her by the lord. All she has to do is, look into the flames and decode the signs. She had a vision of Stannis being the next to sit on the iron throne after the death of his brother, the king Robert Baratheon. She did everything her lord commanded. Things like burning Stannis’s wife’s brother alive, at the stake, kidnapping Gendry (Robert’s bastard) and physically abusing him, killing Renly Baratheon with black magic. And just when we thought she can’t get any worse than this, she burnt Princess Shireen at the stake, alive. Her ridiculous acts made her one of the most hated characters of the series. But a wise lady once said (me, I’m the wise lady), “You should never fully hate a character on GoT. Who knows what might happen in the very next episode?”,George RR Martin (winking). So, right when we started judging her, she brought Jon Snow, back to life (forgiven already).

Melisandre was a priestess, who interpreted all the signs she saw in the flames, wrong. As if you can recall, she said “I didn’t lie, I was wrong”. well, she was wrong, right from the beginning. She did many things, that she shouldn’t have done. Killing innocent people, just to please the lord of light, was wrong. Well, I’m glad she finally learnt how to use her powers, for a right cause. So we’re good. 🙂