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Mihir Raj-A new face in Indian Fiction

Mihir Raj-A new face in Indian Fiction



He is a medico who developed a great passion for writing by the virtue of an introspective phase in his life when he realised this innate quality.Medicine is his profession but writing is the other side of his persona.

He found his calling in writing which finally led to his debut novel “Plz Kiss me or Kill me”.Published by Shristi Publishers and Distributors,the book is currently a best-seller with more than 25,000 copies sold round the globe.

Born on 19th May,1986, in Dumka, a place in Jharkhand, Mihir has done his schooling from Delhi. Although naughty in childhood, he was shy and introvert during school days and finally transformed into an extrovert and a bit reserved in college.

He is a star blogger at Jagran Junction and one of the winners of ‘BlogStar’ contest that was concluded by the popular Dainik Jagran newspaper. His blogs are widely viewed and rated.

Apart from medicine and writing, Mihir loves singing and acting.

He dreams to build hospitals in far flung areas where health facilities still do not exist and where the mortality rate is alarming simply because people do not get even basic health care.





Thousand Miles got in touch with him for an exclusive interview.We were pleasantly surprised when he humbly conceded  to our request.





Inspirations behind your debut novel:

Mihir: My inspiration has been my bad phase, when I got struck academically and I had to take a year’s break from my studies. During that time I realised that there is something in me which is forcing me to take up writing.


As we ask  him about his debut novel:

Mihir: Plz..kiss me or kill me is a medical campus love story which revolves around three best friends and their respective love interest. How they fall in love and how they pursue their valentine is the plot of this book. But it will be little unfair if I say that it’s just a love story or love stories because there are other issues also in the book like concept of trail love, vengeance, gay’s perspective, terrorism and corporate vice. How all these mix up together and entail the story, is something that will intrigue the readers.

Whether it is complete fiction, I would say yes…it is a fiction but it also has elements of my personal life experiences so I’ll prefer not to brand it as a complete fiction.


When we queried about the genre,he had an interesting reply in store for us…

Mihir:Whether it is complete fiction, I would say yes…it is a fiction but it also has elements of my personal life experiences so I’ll prefer not to brand it as a complete fiction.


On being asked about his experience with the publishing houses,he replied candidly…

Mihir:For this novel I didn’t get any rejection. I sent it to Srishti publishers and it was accepted in one go.


The title “Plz..Kiss me or Kill me”…

Mihir:Well…this title came up as a result of my discussion with my publisher who has asked me to follow certain criteria while choosing the title. This title fulfil both: the criteria set by publisher as well as it goes with the story of the book because in the climax this line “Plz..kiss me or kill me” has an important role to play.


We have been intrigued by the wide-spread acclaim all over India that he has received for his debut novel .When Thousand Miles(TM) interrogated him about the inception of ideas in his mind and how he manages to incorporate it in his…

Mihir: For me ideas are all around. If we observe things around us we will find that world is full of ideas. There are so many things happening around that force me to think and I write what I see, I feel and I understand.


Writing a novel isn’t an easy job and doing that during the Final Year of your Medical Education receives applause.Thousand Miles(TM) asked him about the major challenges that he faced during the writing of the book…

Mihir: Major challenge was time. My professional field is so demanding that I always run short of time. While writing this book I had difficulty in finishing it on time because if you take long to express your idea it gets lost and once that link is broken it’s always difficult to bridge the gap between sequence and scene because one idea leads to other.


His reaction on the feedback he has received and whether his expectations as a writer has been fulfilled…

Mihir:A writer writes to be read and to be loved. I expect the same. The response that I got so far is far from overwhelming because as a first timer I am really moved by the love and appreciation that I get from my readers in form of numerous mails and messages. But as a writer I would like to see more and more liking for my work…not just for this novel but also for my coming novels.


When we asked him whether he considering the idea of taking the plunge as a full-time writer,he replied in a pensive manner

Mihir:Well it can be considered as a career if remuneration is good. In developed countries writing is a full time career because authors really get good royalty but here the case is different. If this scenario changes writing can be pursued as a good career option but I see a remote possibility for the time being.


Is there any message that he wishes to convey in his novel?

Mihir:I am not that mature to deliver any message but I feel every book has a message so do my book has. Now, it is up to my readers who can judge better. In one sentence, love is just a part of life.


An insight into his other interests…the hobbies that he indulges in…

Mihir: Reading books, not just medical books but literature of different genres interests me a lot. So whenever I am not writing and I have free time I prefer to read. Apart from that I love singing and visiting different places, trying different foods and exploring new things.


His plans to experiment with other genres in the future…

Mihir: Yes I would like to write a non-fiction book…a kind of self help book.


Mihir excitedly reveals about his next installment

Mihir:Ya I am done with my second book and my fans will soon get to read it.


We queried whether he had to travel concerning his book…

Mihir: Not exactly. I do travel a lot but not specifically for my book. But yes while I am travelling I observe things and keep in mind details of something new and peculiar so that I can write it in my book.


Thousand Miles sought his views on the man behind his cover illustrations and the help he has received during the publication of his book…

Mihir: The cover of “Plz..kiss me or kill me” has been designed by a young guy named Mr. Kushal Raha. I guess he has done a great job. I am writer just by chance and destiny has its say in it but entire team of Srishti Publishers helped me a lot.


His reading habits-favourite book and favourite author of all times…

Mihir:I love to read Khushwant singh, Amitav Ghosh, Tarun Tejpal and Paulo Coelho. But I don’t restrict myself to any particular author or any particular genre. I want to read as much as I can and as many authors as possible.


On our enquiry if he wished to deliver any message to his fans and his reflections on modern Indian writing trend,Mihir was very modest and full of gratitude for his fans…

Mihir:First of all I would like to thank all my fans for reading my book and appreciating my work. After that I would like to tell them that keep reading, don’t restrict yourself to any particular genre or author. Modern Indian writing trend has changed a lot during last decade. It has become, what I would like to say, a mass Indian writing where target is the mass not just few elite club and also the emerging authors come from this mass. So I would like to suggest that we must carry forward this writing trend in more innovative and rich way.


When we solicited for his views on our magazine “Thousand Miles”,this is what he had to say…

Mihir:‘Thousand Miles’ is a great e magazine and when I first visited it’s website, I was mesmerized with its contents. A team of energetic members are doing a great job to showcase the talent of new authors and artists to wide range of people. I wish entire team my best wishing and a happy new year ahead.


And finally,his advice for new writers…

Mihir:Writing is an art to express your emotions in it’s purest form. I just want to advise them, be honest and keep yourself innovative and have faith in your work. One more thing, one need to have patient as it takes a long time in every step of publishing. Lastly ‘Happy new Year’.



Title: Pls. Kiss Me or Kill Me

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

Author: Mihir Raj

Edition: Paperback

ISBN: 9380349351

EAN: 9789380349350




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