Sitting by my window sipping a steaming cup of coffee, enjoying that beautiful fresh lush greenery all around with a faint smell of wet soil and mud in the breeze..Oh yes..!! It’s the much awaited monsoons here, poring down hard, bringing that mercury meter down and I am loving every bit of it. It’s probably one of the best times of the year, a wonderful weather for vacations, especially for those of us who are studying outside our dear state.What perhaps everyone enjoys the most are those lazy sleepy afternoons, of course they sometimes do dampen a lot of plans, but whatever it may be, monsoons are here and we are to enjoy it to the fullest, whether drenched in rain or trying to escape getting wet under those umbrellas or puddle hopping and splashing dirty “orange” muddy water just for the fun of it.
The idea of coffee (well, most people will go for tea) and one of my favorite books with Pink Floyd playing in my ipod, to accompany me seems like an undeniable combination, while I wait for the downpour to be over so that I can put my evil plans of going out with my friends into action. But I always end up looking out of my window enjoying that bright pretty green color of freshly drenched leaves, something which I miss in Delhi’s 45+ degree summers devoid of rain and every June when I come home I can’t help but stick my head out of the car window on my way home from the airport, to treat my eyes with that breath taking monsoon scenery and the smell of rain that I am sure you too cannot ignore. And I love those colorful umbrellas they are such a delightful sight, in the otherwise gloomy, grey skied days, monsoon without an umbrella, that is unthinkable, specially for girls..!!! But I think my luck with umbrellas is jinxed because every time I get a new umbrella they don’t even last for a week (I broke another 1 last week) hence now I’ve realized (that too while writing this) why I always had a raincoat which I used to absolutely loathe as a kid because it made me boil inside while I waited for my glorious school bus to arrive.
It might seem loony, but I had this weird fascination of walking in flood waters, I always thought it to be a cool idea as a kid because as a kid I remember I found it thrilling that our school bus would be stuck in that Zoo-Tiniali road side..which always strangely turns into a river for that one or two hours of heavy down pour, bringing normal traffic flow into a complete standstill, a harassment for fellow city dwellers, but of course I used to be completely oblivion to such a menace then. Now that I have had a few bad experiences of “stuck in flood induced jams” its been long since I have given up on this “cool” idea. Another thing I always found funny were those coconut tree leaves which were used to make rafts that would make special appearances on many occasions in the main city streets and trust me those were really entertaining whilst waiting for our old dilapidated school bus to work its way through the “baan-paani”. those black gumboots that policemen wear when it rains, they used to be a source of childhood fascination too, I remember being sad when I realized I could not be a proud owner of one of those pairs, though I still don’t know why in the first place I wanted to wear them everyday.
Now that my vacations are soon coming to an end I wish I could pack some “crazy monsoon” like in here, Assam and enjoy it there in Delhi, alas, I’ll need super powers for that!! However, with monsoon comes the flood. I now often think that what used to be a source of fun for my kid self is actually a serious problem and a cause of misery for those unfortunate people who are affected by monsoon floods, a loss of both property and lives. Every year I hear the government say they are helping, probably it’s not enough, more should be done for relief in those flood hit areas, because being there and facing the actual crisis scenario is much more horrifying and difficult than being a mere spectator. Proper drainage, that’s the answer for the city but those villages, they really are in dire need of relief. It’s as if the mighty Brahmaputra is swallowing them bit by bit every year, something very sad but nature’s undeniable fury.