She rang me up & asked me to keep quiet for a while as she had to say something…. I knew that she liked me… but never thought that she was going to say those three magical words at that very moment….By the way, it’s me, Aryan.

It all started when I was in my 3rd year and she was in 2nd year! I used to tease my female friends, how can they see me single, can’t they find me a girl…. I used to say so but never meant it, & they too never took it seriously. Once while travelling to my native from Chennai, I was in train so did my friends & many other from our college, I mean juniors…. One of my friends, Arti, introduced me to her school friend, Pooja who was junior to us, but in the same college….. She was a simple girl, but had a spark in her eyes. She said “hi…” with her hand forward…. “M Aryan” shaking hands….

Next morning we reached our station, & headed home, and spent the entire week enjoying homemade foods….

It was Monday, when I returned to college, I met Pooja in our college canteen. She was with her friends enjoying coffee… I took a cup of coffee too & took my seat. I was enjoying every sip of coffee & was going through a magazine. To my surprise, I saw Pooja coming towards me & started “Hey, alone?”

“Yup”- I said politely, & she too took her seat beside me… then we started talking for a while, that’s when she got a call from her friend & she left the place.

Months passed, & we became close, exchanged our contact numbers. We would text each other daily, and was a part of the routine… one fine day, she asked me if I can go out with her, I was very much interested but I replied sarcastically “let’s see…” & till date I don’t know why I said so!! May be my ego! Next day, she rang again & asked me the same question… but this time, I controlled my “so called ego” & agreed to go out with her!

We went for a movie, then went to a mall & spent the whole day beautifully! That night, I texted her written, “You made my day. Thank you! I don’t know how the movie was, or enjoyed it or not… but I loved your company!! Thank you! You are special to me!”(Though I liked her before all these, I didn’t let her know, fearing if she leaves me….) 1 hour passed, but reply from her… my heartbeat rate started increasing… that’s when my cell phone buzzed, saw “ one new message – Pooja”

Without losing a single moment, I checked the message… “Thank u J”

Now what’s this??? At times, it’s difficult for a guy to understand a gal…

We never talked to each other over phone but texted a lot… in college too, even if we did, it would be hardly for a minute.

One fine evening, she rang up and challenged me if I can speak for 10mins continuously!! & if I couldn’t I had to tell her stories every night till she sleeps. I didn’t speak for 10 mins as I wanted to lose but yes showed her that I tried… next night, I rang her & started talking, she asked me to narrate stories… I narrated for around a week… then we started talking for hours but didn’t know what we chit-chatted!! Months passed, we appeared in our final semester exam… and then finally the day arrived which I was waiting eagerly, the train journey!! That whole night chit-chatted… suddenly she told that she was in love, but was not sure if he loved her!! I asked his name, she said she will introduce me to him…. I felt sad, as it was not me!  I smiled and said ok.

Next morning, she rang me up and said those three magical words… but didn’t wait for my answer! So she hung up the call…. I was confused… I rang her back, she didn’t attend my call.

That evening, mom asked me to go to market; I don’t know if it was my good luck or just a coincidence, I met Pooja there!! It was in the market, where I uttered those three magical words “I love you J ”

That was the day when I was trapped in jail of Pooja & still enjoying it!!

Now married to each other, & have a cute kid named Akshay, 2 months old

Long live our relation!!