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Today I am starting a new travel blog post series in my TM Travel Blog which is from a lesser known place of Uttarakhand in India. It is known as “Nandi Kund Trek ” or Madhyamheshwar -Kalpeshwar Trek. But before going to the topic, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to all my dear friends  Amit Tiwari, Beenu Kukreti and few more who introduced me the word “Trekking”. It is after their initial support that I have trekked two of the world beautiful trekking locations in 2016 and in 2017  known as “Satopanth Trek “ and secondly this “Nandkund Trek”.

In this trekking post series you will virtually go to Madhyamheshwar for Darshan with me as I narrate you my experience, which is one of the five Kedar of Uttarakhand, then Nandikund, another flamboyant Kedar. On the way, as I ascribe, you will enjoy the beauty and greenery of a beautiful “Bugyaal” Manpai. Meanwhile, in the epic journey of trekking, we will cross “Ghiya Vinayak Pass” which is of about 5000-metre height. After crossing this pass, we will go to “Banshi Narayan Temple ” of the 8th century which is supposed to open once in a year and in the last leg of this trek, we will go for Darshan of Kalpeshwar, another Kedar of Uttarakhand.

This trekking was scheduled on 15th June 2017 but due to some unavoidable personal problems, we could start the journey on 16th of June from Delhi along with respected Amit Tiwari, my friend, and life-guide. Our third companion Srikant from Hyderabad was waiting in Ransi for us in the guest house of our friend Ravinder Bhatt, a man of true whom I respected dearly. Brother Amit and I were traveling in different buses from Delhi. Amit left Delhi before me but I reached Haridwar earlier than him 😀 . He reached one hour late than me and meanwhile I sipped 3 cups of tea till 3 o’clock and one with him after meeting him 😛

We have to reach Ransi that day but there is no direct bus service from Haridwar to Ransi so we have to take a bus to Kund and then Jeep to Ukhimath and one more Jeep for Ransi from Ukhimath. Kindly note that the last jeep from Ukhjimath to Ransi leaves Ukhimath at about 5 PM.

I think it will be better to share all the program in detail before going further so that you can understand the things in a better way :

Itinerary : 

Day 0 : 16/06/2017 : 
Depart from Delhi ( Ghaziabad), Overnight Journey to Haridwar

Day 1 : 17/06/2017 :
Haridwar to Kund to Ukhimath to Ransi (2100 Meter)
* Talk to Porters, Shopping for Groceries, etc at Ransi

Day 2 : 18/06/2017 :
Ransi to Nanu Chatti (2700 Meters, 8 Km distance)

Day 3 : 19/06/2017 :
Nanu Chatti to Madhyamaheshwar Temple ( 3300 Meters, 10 Km) to Budha Madhyamaheshwar (3500 Meters, 2 Km)

Day 4 : 20/06/2017 :
Budha Madhyamaheshwar to Rikhana to Dhola Khetrapal to Kachni Dhar (4200 Meters, 11 Km)

 Day 5 : 21/06/2017 : 
Kachni Dhar to Luntri Khark to Pandusera or Pandav Sera (4000 Meters, 10 Km)

Day 6 & 7 : 22/06/2017 and 23/06/2017 :
Pandusera to Nandikund (4500 Meters, 8 Km)
* Explore Nandikund and Nearby Places. 
Nandikund to Ghiyavinayak Pass ( 5000 Meters ) to Vaitarni to Kail to Burma Bugyal to Achri Kona to Manpai Bugyal (3900 Meters , 12 Km)

Day 8 : 24/06/2017 : 
Manpai Bugyal to Menghat to Khanddwari to Banshinarayan Mandir (4000 Meters , 12 Km) 

Day 9 : 25/06/2017 : 

Banshinarayan Temple to Devgram (2200 Meters , 12 Km) Explore Dhyan Badri and Kalpeshwar  ( 4 km) to Chamoli (Hotel Stay)

Day 10 : 26/06/2017 : Chamoli to Haridwar to Delhi ( Overnight Journey). 

We will follow this itinerary in our trekking. In this trek, we will find some very beautiful but lesser known places in this Madhyamaheshwar Valley. I have always compared trekking with a newborn delivery out of mother’s womb as you could not predict the happening and consequences of the entire process. This trek of “Nandikund” is not very famous as it is lengthy and counted in difficult treks too so not many people are interested or you may say, they don’t want to take the risk. But I will say, its a must do trek if you have a passion for trekking in you. Yes, It will take 9-10 days but will be a memorable count for the lifetime.  We are the second group this year who were going to Nandikund and one more group is in pipeline in September as scheduled by the officials. So you can figure out that not many people are going to this trek, I think many of the trekkers are not actually aware of this trek.

I am very fortunate as I could complete these two best treks in successive years of 2016 and 2017 at the beginning of my trekking experience. On the very first trek of Satopanth, I encountered an injury in the last leg of the trek but on this trek, everything was completely perfect. All thanks to Almighty and last but not the least, my dear friends who were my support pillars during the entire trekking.

The pictures in this post are the glimpse of this trek from different places.

Next story will come in the following issue of TM. Till then Stay Tuned!