It was a beautiful morning at Nanu Chatti and the views of the Himalayan peaks from this point were amazing and were providing a tender feeling as you look straight to those. After having tea with Parantha in breakfast, we started our next leg journey at about 8:30 AM. Our next point was Budha Madhyamaheshwar after having a darshan of Madhyamaheshwar and offered our prayers. The distance of Madhyamheshwar from Nanu Chatti is about 8 km and the next distance from Madhyamaheshwar to Budha Madhyamaheshwar is about 3km, so we had to trek about 11 km that day.

That day was 19 June -2017 and the previous day was 18 June. It was Champions Trophy’s final match played between India & Pakistan but unfortunately, India lost that match which made us really sad as we are one of the biggest fans of Indian cricket team but the Himalayan peaks views relieved us from that stress.

Nanu Chatti is at 2200 m from MSL , Madhyamaheshwar is at 3150 Mtr while Budha Madhyamaheshwar is at 3400 m, so if you would calculate this height and distance, you would find that we had to reach 1200 m in the distance of 11 kilometers , means almost 100 m / km which is not too tough for a trekker. There is a temporary settlement “Mokamba Chatti” about 2 km ahead from Nanu Chatti. There were one-two shops to eat and yes you could stay there at night at very reasonable prices. These settlements were run by women. Another stay point was after 3 km after this, called as “Kun Chatti”. Here was “Shikhar Prince Hotel” which provided all the basic needs to eat and stay.

It was 11 AM when I reached there at Kun Chatti. After having tea and 20 min rest, I started my trekking again and after about 30 minutes, it was a deep jungle, a thick jungle. I was alone and feeling scared. I was praying to God for a human being to be with me as it was dark all over and you could imagine my mental status state at that time. I was moving fast… very fast… as I wanted to move out as earlier as possible from that thick forest. Luckily I met 2-3 young boys who were coming from the opposite side and when they said –You almost have reached Madhyamaheshwar, I took a sigh of relief. It was about 1:00 PM.

Madhyamheshwar is a temple like Kedarnath but not so much popular as Kedarnath. Madhyamaheshwar is solely dedicated to Lord Shiva and is counted as one of the Five Kedars of Uttarakhand. It looked very beautiful and sacred. After having Darshan in the temple and having Prasad we moved to our that day’s final destination “Budha Madhyamaheshwar “ which was about 3 km from here and was about 250 higher than that point. We were on the way as the drizzling had started. We hurriedly pitched our tents but rain was started pouring heavy. So we got stuck for about 3 hrs in our tents but when the rain was finally over, we were able to see a clear sky and the beautiful views of Himalayan peaks “Chaukhambha” and the “ Mandani Sisters“.