Yesterday we pitched our tent a few meters away from Kachhni Dhaar since a group of trekkers had been staying there already on the trek from Panpatia. Panpatia is considered a tough trek, but they had finished it and now they were in their last leg. Today we would go to Pandav Sera which is about 8 km from here i.e., Kachchni Dhar but the height would decrease from 4200 meters to 3700 meters.

Yes, the height would reduce too gradually but the way is very tough so we had decided to cover only 8 km that day(4th day) itself. There was a  way with directions marking and the right direction was specified by 4-5 pebbles kept over one upon one.

We started our trek at about 7:00 AM but the rain continued for a good amount of time; not a very heavy one but this rain was washing the soil on the way and for this reason, going past that way was too slippery. You would go through “Lanturi Kharakz“, “Punar Bugyal” and “Dwari Gad”. A porter came to me saying –“Sir, Idea phone signals are coming “would you like to talk to your family?” “Sure”, I replied.

It’s was not less than a surprise for me to get this unexpected helping hand. I talked for a minute from his phone as my Vodafone number was not even working in Ransi, so could not expect any signal of Vodafone here in Dwari Gaadh.

I would like to add here that BSNL network works up to Madhyamaheshwar and even at Kachchni Dhaar. You would then cross a Buransh forest here but as that month was of June so most of the flowers were dead and dried up and we could see only the Buransh trees with some flowers left in those. If it would have been the September month, we would be able to see a lot of beautiful Buransh flowers all over the valley.

After about 1 km from Dwari Gaadh, you would encounter a very big and beautiful waterfall; yes it was a picturesque view but very difficult to cross. When I was crossing it, cold water entered in my shoes and here you can imagine my condition after it as I walked with wet shoes and though not minding much and singing  छपाक … छप …. छपाक …छप !! (The sound of water cracking inside shoes)

Meanwhile, I sat for a break but the eyes were too sleepy for a nap and so I slept for a while. And when I woke up, almost one hour had gone and everyone had crossed the way. I took my bag and almost ran as the sky was being very cloudy again.

After another hour had gone, I was very near to my destination but could not see my fellow trekkers.  I was shouting my heart out to attract their attention but they were unable to see me or listen to me in that heavy rush of wind and rain. I was wandering and searching for them or their footprints but the rain has washed every footstep.

Luckily I saw some little plants turn off and felt that somebody might have passed in this way. It was a clue for me to go ahead and finally, I met my friends at Pandav Sera.

Pandav Sera: Pandav Sera’s literally means “the land of Pandavas”. It is actually a big land and it is believed that Pandavas did their farming here when they were on the way to the “Heaven”. This logic looks true as it is a perfect place for farming as the water source is available here in a form of “Madhu Ganga River” originating from “Nandikund”. A cave is here where you can stay (2-3 people only) or can cook food beneath it.

It was about 3:00 PM when sun rays again came down on this part of the earth and these sun rays were not less that life-giver as these means oxygen for us like a patient on a ventilator. We too were waiting for these sun rays as our all clothes, shoes were very wet and we were shivering with cold.

Thanks to that inventor who created the fire, which gave us some heat. We all were enjoying the heat and sitting all around that bonfire which was extinguished in the cave.

P.S.: Here is a small temple like the structure of “Kshetrapal” which is considered as a local caretaker and we have to offer Agarbattis and Dhoop Batti(incense sticks) and our prayers to seek his blessings to go further. Next is Nandikund itself , Pandavsera is a beautiful place but some trekkers skip this point and go straight to Nandikund, but we stayed there for a night and enjoy the beauty in the lap of Mountains… Mountains of Himalayas.