Hello, my dear GoT fans,

I’m profoundly flabbergasted by the response that I got from you all on my last character profile.

And just because of the response and the requests, here I’m again, to talk about yet another character that we saw on Game of Thrones.

Last time we talked about the beauty with brains, Margaery Tyrell. The way she made her mark and became one of the most popular characters in the series is commendable.

This time we will talk about a character who, with his warmth, politeness, and sense of duty, became the most loved character in the entire series, and yes, it’s none other than, Eddard Stark, popularly known as “Ned Stark”.

He was a kind of person, who absolutely loved his family and was ready to do anything to protect them.

But yes, we can’t deny the fact that, he made some really horrible decisions in his entire life, like, giving away his daughter to a guy, who he knew, was a complete idiot, and he did so, just for the sake of his friendship with Robert Baratheon (The King).

This, and several other decisions like leaving his family, to ride to King’s landing with the king, trusting a person like Petyr Baelish etc. Though he did all that for a good cause but they would be counted as terrible decisions.

And all that, got him killed so early. Which further led to the war.

But, he definitely was one of the most important characters. As we can see that, Robert wouldn’t have been the king, if it wasn’t for Ned. Starks would’ve been in the dark forever if Ned wouldn’t have been deceived by the Lannisters. And above all, there would have been no Game of Thrones, if it wasn’t for Ned Stark.

And now, talking about his positives more profoundly. He was an honest man. He always knew what was right for his family and his people. He was a true warrior. I hope we all remember what he said while he was sentencing Ser Gregor Clegane (The Mountain), to death. When Petyr questioned his decision, saying that “gold win wars, not soldiers”, he said, “then Tywin would have been the king, not Robert”.

If we go through all the episodes of season 1, we would see, what exactly got him killed was trusting the wrong people. And by that, I mean Petyr Baelish, who cunningly turned his back towards Ned and got him imprisoned.

7 seasons now, but the character that people talk about the most, not just in real life, but in the series too, is him. And that is all because of all the goodness that was there in him.

Being a person like Ned, in the world of Game of Thrones is hard (we all saw what happened).

But in our world, well, we can give it a try. I believe that won’t get us killed so early.