Venue Credit:

Venue 1: The Breakfast Story: This is the first restaurant in Nagpur to serve English Breakfast. The owner of this restaurant is a professional architect and has designed the place with beatiful color combinations to give a perfect ambience to have a wonderful breakfast with daily specials menu. The extensive use of colors made this place our first choice to have the photoshoot.

Venue 2: Mehendi bagh: This is one of the most beautiful resendential colonies in Nagpur. The residential colony has a Golf Course, Lake, swimming pool and other amenities as well. The residents of this colony have been maintaining and preserving the natural beauty of this place since decades. The residents need not go out to arrange a wedding ceremony since they have thier own celebration hall dedicated for such events.

Venue 3: Mahajanwada: This place is located in the heart of the city and belongs to Mahajan Family of Nagpur and is about 165 years old. Though it has been renovated with time but still there are secret pathways which remind us of ancient times similar to what we used to read in our school books.