To the farthest lady there I might see,

flagged tons of deepest regards from me.

There, you are standing, thudding the wind apart,

O lady! Who beholds the true virtue, don’t go and don’t depart?

To the farthest lady there,  I might see.


You be ok, O! West wind lady!

There, might be at times, you r down…

Begot your faith back to you

It will help you if the wind is gone away,

until u believe, you r the west wind yourself

You be ok, west wind lady…


You stand pole apart to everyone I know,

have you ever seen rain being compared with snow.

You will never know what it takes to be so, that you are indeed,

I know you are overwhelmed from the love you already feed.

Don’t worry West wind lady, without your love!

The season may dry; he has to return otherwise he would cry.

To the farthest lady there I might see.


Pics Courtesy: Google Image( edited)