As we all know, ‘Christmas’ celebrates the birthday of Christ. It is observed on 25th, December, every-year. There is no exact date for this festive occasion historically, even though it is observed as mentioned above every year all over the world. It is the only feast that is celebrated all over the world without discrimination of country and caste. The name Jesus means ‘Savior’. Christ means annoy ended or consecrated by God. He himself said he is god, god as man in Bethlehem.
That was a cow-shed or cave where cattle were kept. The reason being he was on his way as a baby in the womb of Mary (his mother). She was feeling the pain of delivering this baby and so Joseph (her husband) went into that cave and delivered a beautiful male baby. Angels of God came down from heaven in thousands and sang of beautiful song of glory to God in the highest and peace to all men of good will. It is recorded in the Gospel Books. This is an event that has taken place 2000 years ago. Yet, it mesmerizes the minds of young and old because Jesus came to liberate all human beings from the slavery of sins and poverty, illness and other illness that daunts men and women of all time. So, we called Jesus as our redeemer and savior. Therefore Christians worships him because he is almighty and he burdens the sins of everyone.

(As told to Thousand Miles by Father A. J. Joseph of Sacred Heart church, Avadi)


About Holy Bible( what we feel):

The bible contains the mind of God and his guidelines that depicts about the salvation, the doom of sinners and about every individual.  Its doctrines are sacred and for the well-being of everyone. Its precepts are true and its sayings are evergreen. It provokes the need of the soul that resides inside us. It directs a path for us to lead a beautiful life. It should be read to be wise, to be holy, to be safe, to be friendly with the nature. It enlightens our thoughts when we feel stressed and it is everything that we need to know about life. Reading bible, the zenith is restored and heaven is opened where the gates of hell remain closed forever.