Dear Ladies,
Let’s appreciate the males in our lives.
Don’t you wonder at times, how your life will be if all these men out there weren’t just be?
When you scored good grades, couldn’t wait to get home and tell your dad.
Also, were scared of him and wished secretly that he wouldn’t be upset in the opposite case.
Growing up with a brother who thinks of you as the fattest creature on earth but will be ready to kill for you if need be.
The uncles (mama-s/chacha-s) who would always keep checking up on you and are no lesser than the family.
When your dad took out time for your artistic talents/sports fever and gleamed over the stack of certificates you managed to get.
At later stages, he surprised you with chocolates and cakes because you are his valentine too, not just wifey – the great.
When Dad hugged you, dropped you off at the college, well aware that it hurts to send you far away and told you to make the most of it. He called and checked upon you, and if he was busy, never forgot to ask your whereabouts from Mom.
You met a lot of guys growing up and finally, you fell for the right one. Just like your dad, he had his priorities set right.
He told you to live your dreams, be it some job, another degree, house making or a dancing studio. He will be there for you. He is.
That sigh of relief when you heard the magical words, ” It’s your life, study if you want, work all you want and marry whenever you feel like” and you wondered, Oh Man! that’s some amazing kind of life.
There is this other category too. It has many kinds of guys but majorly we classify them as friends.
They can be found everywhere be it school, college, office or randomly on the streets.
Secret admirers, just friends, close friends, best friends, bros from another mother, colleagues and what not.
The ones who would pick you up and drop you home safely because it’s dark and late.
The ones who would listen to you rant about some disastrous date.
The ones who would keep a check on the number of drinks you have had, just in case.
The ones who would help you clean up your mess and scold you later for being so reckless.
The ones who would bring your favourite food in lunch box because you were craving for homemade food.

The ones who would surprise you with chocolate in the evening because you sounded dull that noon.
The ones who would take you to your favorite tea stall because you are a tea lover after all.
The ones who would give the perfect complement that will make your day.
The ones who would trust your driving skills on your word of mouth and hand over their bikes/cars.
The ones who would cover up for you as you are getting late to punch in for work.
The ones who would complete your part of work in the office because you need a vacation.
The ones who would keep you updated with the latest songs and funny videos.
The ones who would set reminders on the phone in case they don’t forget what you had asked for.
The ones ………….. The list will go on and ladies, I know all of you are strong independent women and recognizing their efforts will, in turn, be fruitful for this society.
There are a lot of them out there who make us question their existence but there are also a lot many who make our world a better place.
Let’s start appreciating this rare well breed category of men who restore our faith in humanity.
    Prashasti Bhargav
    प्रशस्ति भार्गव
   Instagram Handle – sonder_babe