“Let the good thoughts come,  no matter from wherever they come”

                                                                                                           -Bhagawad Gita

But are we allowing the good thoughts to merge in or are we even allowing anything to come in our minds? It is sad how quick like within moments we judge almost everyone and how parochial we have become in our lives. She is this, he is that and many more things and not only adults, elders, women surprisingly children we all are there. Because a child learns initially from the elders around him; so whom to blame. We all need to understand that nothing extraordinary is necessary to be done in general and gradually each individual discovers his necessities. For examples, there are billionaires without a graduation degree or a simple woman having a consecutive number of husbands or not even one boyfriend; still, they are happy. Someone living in a studio apartment is as much as happy as someone owning a bungalow. So whom to justify right or ethical or rich? You just can’t. But let us make it very clear that there will still be people making a judgment on each of the above-mentioned kind of human I am scared, ain’t you?

I hope not because it is the mind that isn’t open to everything it sees or to accept everything that is already there in the world. Why some humans have so strong judgment about anyone in the world where a massacre has already happened years ago for that liberty or freedom? Humans have sacrificed their lives for that liberty or for that freedom only. Where anyone can do, can live whatever the way they want. Well legally everything has changed but on a social basis, the situation still haunts me. And let me tell you, humans who have lived their lives on their terms were way happier on their death bed than people who lived on anyone’s expectations. So why don’t live the way we want to live and let others do the same? And not be such a hypocrite.

And while talking about judgments let us think about it all over again what you or anyone or even a thousands of people believe to be right or wrong is just a matter of opinion or a perception about anything which varies from people to people not a well-derived fact like gravity and so what to be so convinced about it? It is stated in one of the greatest epics of Hindu mythology that “I, the creator sees no one as right or wrong, I am no judge here, human shall receive for what he does in this life or maybe in the coming life.

So who are we to judge or let me rectify; let’s say, make an opinion about anyone who is living his or her life and not harming anyone around. Who am I to say?

Whenever do we get to know about something for why to trust that?

I had read it somewhere and it makes complete sense to be here,

Do not believe what

He said

She said

Or even

What I said

Believe something only when you see it with your eyes. This world has already plenty of distorted opinions, makers and influencers, pick the right ones. Peace Out!