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Parindey Youth Foundation | NGO | Humanity and Peace

Parindey Youth Foundation | NGO | Humanity and Peace

Parindey Youth Foundation, Nagpur was founded by young, intellectual and dashing Avi Agarwal, the president and the team during his undergraduate days back in 2011.

The main motto of this young and dynamic team is to spread joy and happiness to the needy. They connect to orphanage homes, specially abled child, and kids on streets. Their fundraising campaign is the unique one out of all these kind of organization. These young people collect scraps from their locality and sell to fund the events.

The annual cultural event, “Navtej” is a regular event done every Diwali for the orphans and specially-abled kids. The headcount goes up to 450+ kids on this event. This event is a daylong event where these kids showcase their talents along with guest artists for the cultural event.

Masti ki Pathshala is another major event organized by this young people. Its a summer camp for kids where the team dedicates itself and professionals to nourish the hidden talent of the kids. Friendship day was the 1st event they organized and it was the boost to the team. The young team goes to an orphanage celebrates the day, exchange gifts go for a movie and ends with food items. This one-day enjoyment brings them (kids) a great joy and this is the most rewarding thing for the team.

They try to reach out to as many kids as possible in every single celebration. Holi is one of the major festivals for them. They distributed delicious sweets and surprising gifts during Navtej and Masti ki Pathshala

Thousand Miles wishes a great success to the team for its noble cause and cheers to the golden heart!!


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