Pebbles is an exclusively handcrafted shoe brand that offers vibrant yet classy designs that are unique in their appeal.

The lady behind Pebbles:

Fashionista and Creative aficionado Sumedha Chaudhry, the CEO of Pebbles is a perfect example of someone who dreams bigger and bigger, thereby working on her dreams and finally transforming it into reality. While she was doing her MBA program at IBS Hyderabad she combined her passion of painting and knowledge of marketing in making customized and classy brand of shoes which finally took shape into a handcrafted shoe designing and manufacturing company which we today know as ‘Pebbles’.

In their own words:

Each and every pair of shoes that we make at Pebbles, are handcrafted from scratch. The process starts from making the shoes, followed by painting them according to the design. The shoes are designed keeping in mind the fact that these will be used on a daily basis. Therefore, art is blended with subtlety to make them equal parts attractive and functional. The customer’s comfort is always of utmost important at Pebbles. Each Pebbles’ pair tells a story with the help of unique designs and colours that surely steal the show!

The Team:

B.S. CHAUDHRY (COO & Co-Founder)


Believing in the dreams of her own daughter, Mr. Chaudhry took charge of the company as COO managing all the operations and logistics, sales of the company. His second innings of his life brings a lot of freedom as he decided to utilise this time to help his daughter establish her dream. So he became the pillar of pebbles and settled up logistics for the company using his long expertise in this field.



Ms. Gole is the literature angel of the company who puts words to each and every products that needs an introduction for a customer to know about. She was always good with words, so she started writing for her club back in college. Later on her creativity embraced pebbles when she gave a way to pebbles through her pen.



With her DSLR on her hand, she provides the glimpse of the products that we are seeing on e-commerce websites. Always trying out new things, she started photography for pebbles for fun. When we saw the results, she was immediately a part of our company. Showcasing the story of the shoe is what she do best!

Crowd Funding Mission at WishBerry:

For bringing out something best to the world, it needs dedication and passion. But these two elements sometimes come to a halt as financial challenges creeps in. That is when, we need money to realize our dream. This is no different for Pebbles when they want to expand and reach to the entire country as a whole with their unique brand of products. They went for crowd funding to raise an amount of Rs. 4,50,000 using the platform of Wishberry. It was a campaign of 45 days. The policy of crowd funding at WishBerry is ‘All or Nothing’ which means within these 45 days of time, they must collect that amount and if they could not, Whatever had been raised will be refunded back to the backers who supported the event with certain sum of money. But when destiny has been definitive plan for Pebbles, is there any force that can stop it from happening. Hence, Pebbles has successfully collected the sum of money and went on investing as they promised. They set up an e-commerce website for the sale of footwear. And thus, they are ready to provide to the online customers what they have been promising.

Student Network:

This journey started when they were students so they want to keep that part of our venture alive.

In their college network students from various colleges come on board with them to promote Pebbles in their college. They represent Pebbles in their college and they work passionately to take pebbles to new heights.

Apart from their interest, they want to add some value from their side in the existing education system. They want students to explore the various sides of a business, as when they come on-board and thereby they handle inventory, marketing, sales etc in their college. This will help them to take an informed decision when they start working in the real world.

Our Appeal:

We, at Thousand Miles is one of their in-kind promotional partners because we share the same principle of honing creativity and thereby creating something that can be significantly useful for people to use and experience. Visit their website and see yourself. You will be awe-struck seeing the splendid collection and the way they have presented the foot-wears. Visit Pebbles and make your footwear wardrobe collection colourful and vibrant.