Let’s discuss something that’s haunting our country which is soon going to be a catastrophe. No it’s not the pollution which we hardly care, not about the agricultural distress we’re in, not the rumours about cricketers and film stars, not about the communal harmony,  it’s not even the acute water crisis we are going to witness nor is it about those dubious team of news guys and legislators who divert us from real issues. It is normalisation. Yes, we are suffering from normalisation of issues, and we already started taking issues lightly. There is a paradigm shift in our nature. What is it? How is it affecting us?

Nearly 346 weeks ago, we witnessed a gruesome rape and murder of Nirbhaya. Total country was aghast and was out on streets protesting and condemning the perpetrators. We had debates, arguments, we questioned the legislators and brought a law. This is how we are supposed to be. That was an eye-opener to us morally snoring beings. To our disbelief, the heinous act was done by people of our very country which is highly regarded for morality. What went wrong. What went so horribly wrong then? Why am I bringing such an old case now? Because that old case is the starting point for us to change our nature. It was a wake-up call to correct our upbringings, to throw out misogyny and patriarchy. But are we on track?

Even now the nature of us didn’t change. How long do we read and see such cruel instances of rape and feeling bad for the victim, feel grateful to God that rape didn’t happen to someone from my own family forget and then sleep? Next day, same news different victim. The difference however now is that we have developed a thick skin and started to normalise this and are no longer taking things seriously. This is alarming. Now we no longer question nor condemn those heinous actions, just being mute spectators. We have started to normalise this saying these things keep on happening.

How many of us have the update on the Kathua gang rape case? How many of us know about Kuldeep Senger, a four-time member of the legislative assembly who is accused of raping a woman, victim’s father allegedly beaten to death in police custody and the car in which the victim was going was hit by a lorry in “mysterious” circumstances! These are two cases which were in the news as either party tried to gain political mileage rather than working on this issue and finding a way to stop these inhuman acts. Yes, it is true that we have laws in place, tough action will be taken on those inhuman beings but still why are these annoying breed of beings not sparing anyone right from a 3-year-old girl to a sixty-year-old woman old women. What’s the nature of these acts? What’s the psyche behind these? Has any political party or a government organisation done anything substantial to come with a solution?

Not only rapes, but even the value of death has also been decreased by our nature of normalisation. We have seen people getting lynched in tens and hundreds of numbers by bigots who are killing individuals for a very petty reason or basing on assumptions. An individual’s life has been reduced to a mere rumour which can kill people. We have seen how a rumour like child kidnappers in the town killed two individuals in Assam. And we are all okay to accept it. We didn’t raise our voice against it. Or is it something we don’t want to talk in the first place.

Killing and assaulting women doesn’t come naturally to humans. So why are these people behaving in such a sick manner? We aren’t this cruel by nature, are we? Then why is the devil’s at work in those minds driving them to do such acts which are plain unlawful, unjust and against the norms of a civilized society?

I may be wrong but this surreal stupid nature of those pathetic souls might be because of their improper or impoverished upbringing. A large part of this communal cult is also part of this unnatural upbringing. They are nurtured with hate, disregard, misogyny and many maligned actions which makes them blinded to the fine line which differentiates right and wrong. As a result of this, they end up being on the wrong side of the track. If we see this as normal and if we do not bat an eyelid this will choke the core essence of our country. We don’t want our nature to smell of stinking blood and with streams of tears, and air filled with grief. Our nature isn’t that. Our nature is lush green with values. Values which make a person with a better rationale who isn’t normalized what’s not right.