We all love to live in paradoxes rather I would say in paradoxical situations. Puzzled? Confused?  Let me explain how?

We are all too busy in our busy lifestyle chasing an aspiring career or chasing money or other materialistic goals that we forget to pause for a bit and look around ourselves. We all know the issue, we write about it, we discuss it, we crib about it, we debate about it, but seldom do we address it. It is pollution and mine is one of the million pieces on the same.

We are different and as I said let’s explore our paradoxical situations. On one side we admire Greta Thunberg from the air-conditioned comfort of our homes which happily emit chlorofluorocarbons. It is also known to make the environment even hotter. Yet we do the exact opposite pretending not to accept the reality. That’s our trademark paradox.

We are too proud to be Indians. Eleven out of 12 most polluted cities on a world health organization list are in India according to the Vox. Maybe we should take pride even in that fact. And are we doing our part to save the environment? Frankly, we aren’t doing much. To be brutally honest we are contributing to the destruction rather than the resurrection of it. Don’t expect help from our politicians as they are coughing due to pollution and still oozing communal saliva which is spitting on our serious issues such as this one.

In times of acute water crisis, we have rain dances, what a classical example for a paradox. Water is one precious resource which is of late getting murkier by the day. All credit to our careless and ungracious attitude which made the condition so dire. What we do is a campaign for saving water. The campaign is good. But is it solving our problem? A certain self-proclaimed guru started an initiative for saving river water. It was done with great pomp and many big celebrities were roped in for the promotion. A couple of years down the line, god knows where the progress of that campaign.

People such as Afroz Shah who was the pioneer in the beach clean up campaign and the late GD Agarwal who started a fast until death for the prosperity of river Ganga are not known. People who do and tell all shit are hyped and humped with a lot of activities related to the environment, while the real heroes go unrecognized. GD Agarwal died during his fast but his efforts were barely recognized. We don’t know who are the real people who’re doing path-breaking works for our environment and who are trying to get all the credit.

Preaching will only become effective when the norms are followed and made sure practical implementation is deployed on priority. Else there will be scenarios like one person preaching about climate pollution and stuff but hardly plants anything and goes alone in a car rather than opting public transport or at least a pool cab.

Of all the stupidity around climate change and the statements given by a couple of leaders are appalling. So rather than analyzing their speeches and ranting them, it would be great if we contribute to protect our nature in our own small way. Because our small action will lead to big changes.