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It has been the lowest that the country’s GDP growth rate can touch. It is 4.5% in the second quarter of the 2019-20 fiscal year. Unemployment took a serious turn in the country. In Coimbatore, 7000 applicants that applied for the city’s 549 sanitation workers’ post are B.tech holder, the so-called unemployed Engineer of the country. The only good thing that came from the central government is that they now agree that the Economy is going through hard times and officially released the figures on GDP. India’s position slips further among the world’s fastest-growing economies. We are behind Vietnam, China, Egypt, and Indonesia. Unfortunately, India is even behind Bangladesh(8.2%), Sri Lanka(6.5%) and Pakistan (5.2%) when comes to the GDP growth rate. Yes, that’s what the situation is, right now. In this hard time, Delhi and West Bengal’s own state GDP growth rate figures are crossing 10%. Fascinating!

Unemployment this October rose to 8.5% which was the highest in the last 3 years as per CMIE. India’s Infrastructure output for the month of September 2019 has been found 5.2% on a year-on-year basis. This October, urban unemployment was 8.9% slightly higher than the rural unemployment rate of 8.3%. The falling Manufacturing sector and construction sector are the alarming signs for all of us so far the economy is concerned. As per the report, unemployment in India is recorded the highest in the last 45 years. Failure of the central government is clearly seen while handling the Economy. In case you are thinking, poor management of the economy is not hurting you, then my friend, you are in for a treat for the upcoming 4 years. Just wait and watch.

The country is facing price hikes in so many necessary commodities. One such hike is the Onion price hike in the country. This is a common scenario almost every year at this point of the year in all the states of India. But the new government that formed back in 2014 promised to keep the hike in control. The political party in the centre today was in opposition back in 2014 and criticized the government harshly regarding petrol and Onion price hikes.

Now it has been 6 years for the present government and it could not keep the price hike of any commodity in control along with a high inflation rate and deeper fall of Indian Rupee in the International platform. Farmers are selling onions for Rs.2 to Rs. 8 per kg and when it reaches us, the commoners, it is priced now between Rs.80 to Rs. 120 per kg. Just imagine the between-lobby and those Onion Mafias; sucking soul of the country deep inside. Interestingly, as the price of the onions is getting higher and higher, the Onion-Price-Hike period has also become a long unbearable one.

Yesterday, another girl, Priyanka Reddy, a vet got raped and burnt alive on the outskirts of the Hyderabad city. Along with this, another three other rape incidents happened in the country. One in Telangana, one in Jharkhand and another one in Tamil Nadu. India is the world’s topmost dangerous country for Women as per the ranking of 2018. Back in 2011, India was ranked 4th just after Pakistan and now, Pakistan is not even in the top five. If you see the debates on TV Media, 90% of those are dedicated to Pakistan and these real issues are hardly touched unless something terrible happens. Mere candle marches and condemning the incident will not help Indian female counterparts. What deeply concerns me is the corrupted criminals like rapist MLA Sengar is still safe and secure and the rape victim is still crying.