About the project

They are a relatively new band in the Independent music scene and started their journey as a band in 2015 and since then they have been quite active in the performance circuit. They have been writing a lot of music together in this short period of time and been performing them live. ‘Before the Plunge’  is an attempt to compile 5 of their most loved compositions into an E.P and reach to people who have been asking them ‘Where can we find your music?’. The E.P consists of 5 tracks: – Close to my heart: A Pop-rock love ballad – Bombay– A bluesy track about a girl who reminds you of Good o’l, Bombay. This track is written by Gaurav Parab (the author of Rustom and The last storyteller of Almora ) – Let the phase – A pop-rock song about moving ahead – No fear only Love – A reggae country song about ‘Who knows what’s ahead in future, Live the present with love’ – I can’t have enough of you – Another song about madly being in love with a person.

About the Team:

Their Band consists of Kaushik, who is a vocalist and a producer with experience of more than 15 years in live performance, Rahul who is the bassist and a co-writer in the band been playing the bass for the last 7 years or so, Deepanjan our lead guitarist who has been playing for the last 10 years and Pruthvi a seasoned drummer who has been in the live scene for the most of his adulthood.

Why crowdfunding?

Most of them are full-time musicians and so to pump in all the money they earn from shows into the E.P wasn’t really a feasible thing to do. That’s where they thought of crowdfunding in Wishberry not just as a way to fund their project but also a way to reach to as many people as possible and make them aware of what they are doing.

Why should you believe them and why should you fund this project?

Independent Music industry in India lacks a formidable number of backers or producers as compared the amount money being pumped into the more popular Bollywood music. It’s a difficult journey for musicians who are trying to be creative while producing the music they believe in. And if you believe that they are creating something, which tugs your heartstrings in some way then please support them and they won’t disappoint you.
Follow this link to support them: Wishberry