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1)ACYUT 2 is the 2nd Humanoid Robot built by-

2) Asia’s largest residential layout-

3) The legendary investor known as ‘Oracle of Omaha’-

4) The aging Hubble Space Telescope is to be replaced by-

5) Kyrgyzstan President’s official residence is known as –

6) The world’s largest ship breaking yard-

7) What is common to Calvin Coolidge, Chester. A. Arthur and Barack Obama      –

8) Western Ocean is the ancient name of –

9) India’s youngest ever chief minister of a state-

10) The country named after a tree-




3.Warren Buffett

4. The James webb Space telescope

5.White House

6. Brazil

7. American Presidents who took the oath twice

8.Atlantic Ocean

9.Prafulla Kumar Mahanta.



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